Friday, April 27, 2012

cheers to the freakin' weekend...

L orchestrated her first party foul last night...

Aaaaand that would be spit my wine.

May your Friday be fabulous and your wine spit-up free! 


  1. My Audrey use to have Excorsist moments...
    but thankfully the projectile vomit was always on
    her daddy! : )
    Do you usually have the wine right after you
    nurse or before?
    Stupid question-but I am just asking bc
    I aim to nurse more than 2 months this next time around and I never drank bc I was afraid Id get
    the baby drunk LOL

    1. I'll have a small glass of wine or a light beer during (odd mental picture, I know) or right after a nursing session. Alcohol takes 30 minutes to get into breast milk and about an hour & a half to leave!

  2. BAH that is hilarious and gross at the same time but thank you for that laugh :)

  3. Your breast milk is not anymore concentrated than your blood- and beer is good for increasing/maintaining your milk supply!

  4. OMG how did that even happen? You made me giggle and reminsisce about my little guy being a "baby" and not a Big Boy like he is now. Le sigh... :)

  5. So that's a new one.. ;) Good shot LJ.


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