Monday, April 2, 2012

Menu Sunday {just barely} {NEVERMIND}

I'm might be posting this week's menu {the first since the wee Cheesette was born!} by the skin of my teeth, but, as there are twoish more hours left in Sunday {CST, natch}, I'll stick with my traditional title!

HA.  Naive, little ol' me.

And I thought I was going to get to finish watching Mad Men in real time, too.


With an angel-baby-turned-fussy-mini-tyrant-come-evening-time, I am all about super easy meals these days.  Bonus Points for a recipe that can be broken up into parts... I am sold if I can do the heavy lifting {prep work} while L naps in the afternoon and then throw the parts together with le bebe strapped in the Moby before E comes home.

Buffalo Hotdogs with Brussels Sprouts Slaw
First Grill of the Season: Buffalo Dogs w/ Brussels Sprouts Slaw
I've raved about this slaw before... It will change your life.  I don't bother with the vanilla bean, but I do use a fancy pants raspberry dijon mustard.  The buffalo dogs were an impulse buy at a Whole Foods' sample table... absolutely delicious grilled to a crisp {with mustard, obviamente} and waaaaay better for you than your standard hotdog. 

Turkey, Broccoli & Cheese Quinoa Cups
inspired by Iowa Girl Eats
Turkey, Broccoli & Cheese Quinoa Cups #wfd
These guys were absolutely delightful - and so easy to heat up the next day for lunch!  Gold Star for "One-Handed Eatability."  Modifications:  I used leftover turkey breast, fresh broccoli, one chopped shallot, and extra sharp cheddar cheese as my "filling"... didn't measure out any of those - just chopped and threw them all in the mixing bowl!  I included a bit more quinoa {started with 1 c. dry instead of 3/4 c.} and used 4 whole eggs since I wanted to make standard muffin size in favor of mini.  And I baked these suckers a bit longer because of the size increase... This made a dozen cups. 

Bubble-Up Pizza Bake
Pinterest Inspired Bubble Up "Pizza" Bake
If you've been within spitting distance of Pinterest lately, you've likely seen the "Bubble-Up Enchiladas"... like the lovely Samma, I was intrigued by the concept - though wary of the Canned Biscuit Factor.  I decided to give it a shot, but went for an Italianish version instead, as biscuits + Mexican flavors just don't jive so well in my head.  I used a pound of lean ground beef {browned, drained, and rinsed}, 3/4 jar of arrabbiata sauce, a shitton {technical term} of mozzarella, and a heavy sprinkling of Italian herbs, all mixed together with canned biscuits {Grands - extra flaky; separated and cut into eighths}.  I did bake my concoction a bit longer {probably a total of 50 or 60 minutes}... not really out of necessity but the munchkin was snacking and,while I've mastered many things one-handed, removing a piping hot casserole from the oven is not one of them.  I was very pleasantly surprised by the overall result... pretty damn yummy.

Veggie Quiche {Spinach, Brussels, Broccoli}
Quiche with Spinach, Brussels, & Broccoli #wfd
Quiche has become my go-to "clean out the fridge" meal... It's so incredibly easy and really hard to screw up.  I always use my own Lighter Turkey & Hatch Quiche recipe as a base and substitute whatever protein, cheese, and/or veggies I happen to have on hand.  This week, I chopped up a head of broccoli, a few handfuls of spinach, and about 6 brussels sprouts {left over from making the slaw} and threw them in with the eggs, Greek yogurt, and extra sharp cheddar.  I was actually running low on respectable cheese, so I added a bit of Velveeta.  NO SHAME IN THAT GAME.  Per usual, my crust of choice is Wholly Wholesome Whole Wheat {their GF variety is tasty, too!}.  Soooooo delicious. 


  1. You are so lucky you can eat broccoli while nursing! My LO *hates* it!!!

    1. I actually discovered this week that L does too... So this is likely the last of broccoli you'll see for a while here :(

  2. i'm seriously impressed that you're cooking so much already! every week i tell myself i'll start menu planning, etc. and every week finds us ordering in.

    i hear ya on mad men. i missed half of it last night, too. the baby was good and asleep, but i couldn't keep my eyes open to finish it! i decided it's much more fun to watch on a monday morning anyway :)

  3. Just made the bubble-up substituting chopped veggies for the meat. Very good...thank you!


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