Sunday, April 22, 2012

Menu Sunday

Here's the highlights from last week's menu...

Sweet Potato Chile Mac
adapted from Cooking Light
Sweet Potato Chile Mac #wfd
Still doesn't top the Rosemary Pumpkin or the Hatch Chile Mac, but this still deserves a big ol' blue ribbon of awesomeness... {insert something pretentious sounding about complex flavor combinations, etc, etc}.  Modifications: Instead of spending an hour baking the potatoes in the oven, I nuked them for about 3 minuties, peeled and cubed them, then roasted them with a tiny bit of EVOO in a 450 degree oven for about 20 minutes.   Instead of mashing, I pureed them in the food processor with the milk {I used 1.5 c}, cheese {used about 2 c}, chiles, salt, and pepper.  After combining with the pasta and chorizo in an 8x11 Pyrex, I sprinkled the top with breadcrumbs, baked for 20 minutes, then broiled for 2.  AMAZEBALLS. 

Steak Salad

I've made this so many times I'm sure y'all are sick of hearing about it... but it's a winner every time!  This go-round, I substituted brussels for the asparagus.  

Crockpot BBQ Chicken w/ Roasted Carrots & Rice Pilaf
chicken courtesy of Stick a Fork In It
Crockpot BBQ Chicken w/ Rice Pilaf & Roasted Carrots #wfd #badfoodphotography
Last time I made this chicken, I bemoaned the whole "crockpots are awesome in theory but not so much in practice if your food has to sit on Warm for 5 hours before you actually get to eat it" factor.  There were lots of helpful solutions offered in the comments section so check that out if you find yourself coming home to dry slow cooker meals.  Due to my current gig, I was able to fire up the crockpot around 2 pm for supper at 7... and, wouldn'tyaknow, the end result was absolutely delectable - super moist and flavorful! Paired with simply roasted carrots and Near East rice pilaf. 

BBQ Chicken Pizza
{Day 19} BBQ Chicken Pizza on #Orange Fiestaware #wfd #aprilphotoaday


  1. I think it is time I made that steak salad! It always looks so good.

  2. The sweet potato mac was pretty timely for me. I've been wanting to make a recipe for sweet potato skins, now I can save the actual potato flesh and make the mac!

  3. Look at you and all your cooking with a newborn! I'm impressed. I'll be making this mac and cheese and I love your steak salad.

  4. BBQ Chicken in the slow cooker is a favorite around here too and I recently started making the BBQ pizza the next day using left overs--great minds think alike!

    Colleen @ Meet the Sullivans

  5. The sweet potato chili mac looks delicious!

  6. can you post the steak salad recipe? I've been trying to hunt it down forever!


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