Tuesday, May 1, 2012

2 Months Old!

2 months
Dear L,

You turned two months old on Saturday, April 21... I am sure I will say this every "birthday" until you are 67 and I am senile, but time seems to stretch out forever and flash by in an instant, all at the same time.


You've been a very busy little nugget this month: traveling to Houston, Austin, and Waco.  You continue to be agreeably portable so long as the car is zipping along... much like your parents, you have no patience for stoplights and traffic jams that slow you down.  Both on your travels and at home, you've met many new friends and family... more members of mama's family {including all of our kin from T-Pop's side}, The Hoovers from Oklahoma where your dad was born, Z & L, Aunt Carrie, and Aunt Jacq & D.  While normally so sleepy and snuggly at night, you are so social if there are guests over... Twice this month you've hung out with the grown-ups when company stayed late - content to be passed around or just chill out in your swing... you didn't want to miss out on any of the gossip or action!  You've also logged tons more QT with both sets of grandparents.  Let me tell you, there really is nothing sweeter than people I love loving on you.  

T-Pop Time!

You've made leaps and bounds in the sleeping department {although you were doing pretty well to begin with!}, and for that I am very thankful! You usually take two naps a day in your Pack-n-Play or sometimes just one good one if we've been out and about.  I no longer have to nurse you to a deep sleep to put you down... it's more like "nurse you to drowsy" these days, at which point you'll fall asleep on your own once you've been loosely swaddled {you still like access to those arms sometimes!}.  If your eyes happen to pop open when I lay you down, a couple bars of "Angel Eyes" sends you right into dream land.  We can now expect a 6-8 hour stretch from you every night, and since you and I are still going to bed together around 10, that means 6-8 hours of uninterrupted slumber for me as well!  Depending on when you first wake up, you'll sleep another 1.5-3 hours after nursing, and then you treat us with big smiles, giggles and stretches.  Your dad and I could just squish you to pieces in the morning... it is definitely my favorite time of day with you!  You love just hanging out in your diaper on our bed, talking to us {"gah" being your favorite sound of self-expression}, and kicking those legs.  You've started to imitate us a little bit and will stick out your tongue or make your mouth into an "O" if we do the same.  


After Dad goes to work, you and I read books {in particular, you love the black and white illustrations in Olivia Saves the Circus,the Snuggle Puppy,song, and the rhyming words in Richard Scarry's Best Mother Goose Ever.}, dance to Motown hits {you also enjoy mama's interpretive dancing to Man in Motion and Let the River Run, but I'm almost positive you're laughing at me and not with me}, walk or jog around the neighborhood or lake, and do Tummy Time.  Girlfriend, lemme tell you... you hate Tummy Time.  I've tried it on all different surfaces, with a mirror, with music, with a toy in front of you, right before your nap, right after your nap... you just are not a fan.  You do have excellent neck strength, though, and love to stand up on our laps and peer about.  You are also over having your head tucked into the Moby, preferring to survey your surroundings, especially if there are interesting sights to be seen... the produce department at the market being a favorite.  Many of the clerks at our little neighborhood Whole Foods know you by sight and always exclaim over your alertness.  A girl after my own heart, to be sure - perhaps you'll enjoy food and cooking as much as your mama! 

Someone loves Olivia... @erchla
{Day 1} You don't want to see #MyReflection #aprilphotoaday #catchup

While generally cheery, you definitely have your fussy moments, especially in the late afternoon and evening.  During those hours, I'm still learning when you want to be held close {the Moby is still a godsend}, when you want some independence {swing and playmat to the rescue!}, and when a little bit of fresh air is just what the doctor ordered.  Sometimes we cycle through all three by the time Dad gets home.  

Walk time!

We started cloth diapering this month, and I think you enjoy your fancy new knickers.  You sure look cute in them!  

Daily Dose of Nakey Baby! #babyphotobomb
Head in the clouds...

After that first month's learning curve, we seem to have the nursing thing down, and you are a good eater for most part... and a noisy one at that!  Your Aunt Erin and I often chat on the phone while you and your buddy-to-be Owen snack, and we laugh at the noises you make while O eats so silent and politely!  You do get those pesky gas bubbles quite often, but gripe water {and burps a sailor would be proud of!} seem to help.  Sometimes on particularly fussy days, I worry you may have a touch of reflux but it's never affected your sleep. You are currently nursing about 8-10 times in a 24-hour period for anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes at a time.  


Between all the good eating and the cloth diaper fluff-butt, you've outgrown all of your newborn clothes, are into 3 monthers, and can even wear some 6 month items.  The new wardrobe rotation is so fun, but I did mourn the retirement of a few of my favorite items... your "baking accouterments" jam-jams, in particular. 

Good Morning!
JUST ONE MORE #babyphotobomb

Leity-Bear, you continue to be the greatest joy... and just keep getting more and more fun as the days pass! We can't wait to see what next month brings!

To the moon and back, Mama

Two Month Stats & Milestones

- Weight: 11 lbs 2 oz - 505h percentile
- Height: 21 3/4 inches - 50th percentile
- Diaper Size - 
            * BumGenius: 2 middle snaps open at waist / all snaps buttoned on crotch
            * FuzziBunz: 1 middle snap open at waist / front buttons at 3 / back buttons at 4
            * Charlie Banana: no middle snaps open at waist / buttons at 4
            * Bummis: velcro touching / all snaps buttoned at crotch 
- Clothing Size - 3 month with some 6 month {especially in Carters}
- Nicknames: Leity-Bear, Chunk-a-Munk, Angel Baby, Buglet, Nugget 

- First Time w/ Babysitter {GiGi} - March 28, for mom and dad's anniversary 
- Trip to Houston - March 31
- First Playgroup - April 3
- First Tornado - April 3
- First Holiday - Easter, April 8
- Started Cloth Diapers - April 11
- First Charity Event - March of Dimes Walk for Babies on April 21

- smiling and giggling regularly
- mini "push-ups"
- bearing weight on legs


  1. She's growing up so fast - whew!

  2. Our baby is a week younger than your little bundle of cuteness and it's fun to follow along. We also have some similar outfits. I've been collecting my favorites to be turned into a pillow or quilt by Granny when she's older. There are a few pieces I just couldn't pass on.

  3. she is precious. and you look great too!

  4. I love LOVE those baking pjs - where did you get them?! Never seen anything so cute :)

    1. They were a gift but the brand is Kissy Kissy. The giver bought them at Neimans Last Call. I've searched everywhere for bigger sizes to no avail... but let me know if you search & find some!

    2. would 3-6 month fit her? http://www.ebay.com/itm/NWT-NEW-Boutique-Kissy-Kissy-Baking-Cupcakes-Footed-Sleeper-Romper-3-6-3-6-month-/220955416353?pt=US_Baby_Toddler_Girls_Clothing&hash=item3371f81721

      it might buy you another couple months of adorable sleeper :)

  5. Good gracious, what a cute baby! I love the Olivia shout out :) Glad she's loving books already!

  6. She is too sweet! Happy 2 months, L!

  7. She is so stinking cute. And that wardrobe? I'm going to try and not let it bother me that a two month old dresses far better than I do!

  8. Such a sweet post--loved every word and photo!

  9. She's beautiful, and I can tell she is soooo loved!

  10. This post makes Aunt Lynds happy and sad all at the same time--but only sad because I haven't been able to love on her in person yet. Either way, love my little Leity bear (and her Mom and Dad too)

  11. I can't believe two months have already past... and I'm not even involved. And I love how she's already on her way to becoming a philanthropist. That will look great on those pre-school applications.


  12. YAY for seeing one of my favorite-ever outfits on the cutest model EVER! I miss you two like mad.

  13. LOVE the picture of you two in the red/orange? mobi - so precious. AND the Missoni dress...my kid had the same one. I'm hoping to squeeze her back into it by fall, but "they" were right...dang kids do grow up awfully fast :(

  14. I love this! And the picture of the two of you is absolutely gorgeous. That's going to be one of those family photos that you and L will both always treasure.


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