Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cloth Diapering: Antagonist Introduced {+ An Update}

Previous Cloth Diapering Posts: The Prologue and Chapter One.  And, uh, please forgive my nerding out with the literary reference titles.  I am embarrassed to admit I already have a tagline selected for when we start solids.  OH YES I DO. 

Diaper Duty
Hop to it, Mama.

We'd been rocking the cloth for a little over a month when the enemy attacked... Not Samantha's Funky Spunk, but just straight up Funkity-Funk.  

I knew we'd have to deal with ammonia build-up at some point, but I was surprised we were struck so soon.  Our diapers would come out of the wash seemingly sparkling but emit an Eau de Asparagus Pee the minute L "let it flow."  While it was kinda nice to know right she was wet {the CD Equivalent to the convenient blue line?}, no one wants their baby to be the Stinky Kid.

So, I began my quest for the ultimate de-funkifier regimen.  In the process, I also tweaked my everyday washing routine.  AND!  I have a little update on our brand preferences now that L is not so itsy-bitsy.  Because I am oh so magnanimous {and humble, of course}, I shall share my newly-found information with y'all.  


To Strip & De-Funk: I throw all the stinkers into the wash and complete my normal "Soaking Cycle" {Delicate + Extra Rinse / Normal Soil Level, Cold Water, No Spin with no detergent}.  Then, instead of moving into the "Cleansing Cycle," I do a "Strip Cycle" with Rockin Green Funk Rock Ammonia Bouncer.  I add 4 T. of the Funk Rock to the washer, select Normal on the dial, punch Soak Time under "Options," and make sure Normal Soil Level, ATC Warm, and No Spin are selected under "Modifiers."

After the "Stripe Cycle," I do the normal "Cleansing Cycle" but add 1/4c. of regular, ol' Clorox to the bleach compartment.  Finally, I do two "Rinse Cycles" by selecting Rinse & Spin on the dial {twice, obvs} before drying as normal.

Um, yes.  It does take F-O-R-E-V-E-R.  But it works.  Once again, we have shiny, happy, smell-goody diapers! 


To Keep the Stinkies at Bay: To ensure I'm not tethered to my washer, battling funk every other week, I've made a few modifications to the original wash ritual and have yet to have another bout of The Nasty...

- I've added the Rinse & Spin cycles {2} to the end of every single wash.  Ammonia stench can often be attributed to detergent build-up so thoroughly rinsing is key.  

- Every fourth or fifth wash, I add 1/4 cup of Clorox to the Cleansing Cycle.  I know, I know, I know... most cloth diaper manufacturers say not to wash dipes with bleach but I've had zero issues... and I have it on good authority that a small amount of bleach every so often is totally kosher. 

- I switch up detergents. I figured maybe diapers are like hair?  Even if you've found the ultimate shampoo, sometimes you have to swap out your suds to keep your locks glossy and fabulous, yes?  That's my theory anyway.  I alternate between Rockin Green and Charlie's Soap Powder. 

Updated Brand Preferences

After a month of use, my favorite dipe was Bummis Tot Bot, then Charlie Banana, then FuzziBunz, and finally, BumGenius. Well, as Mr. Dillon said they would, the times?  They did a-change.  

I'm still happy with all of our diapers, but I now reach for Charlie Bananas first, then BumGenius, then FuzziBunz, and finally, the original favorite, Bummis. While the Bummis are easy-peasy, they aren't as absorbent as our other CDs.  That can be remedied by double stuffing with an extra microfiber insert, but I think L still feels the wetness faster. Whereas the BGs are super absorbent and wick away moisture from the skin.  I definitely reach for the BumGenius for overnight or if we're going to be out and about running errands. And, since L is a little bigger, the BGs aren't as bulky as they were on her newborn frame. 

The Pros and Cons for FuzziBunz remain the same... I still hate stuffing and adjusting these guys!  I bought three new Charlie Bananas and they arrived with a new adjustment system... Goodbye Buttons, Hello Slide-y-Thingies!  The Slide-y-Thingies are way easier to adjust, and each diaper comes with two inserts: one that goes with the diaper adjusted to Small and one for Medium/Large. 


And there we have it... more cloth diapering "wisdom" from a someone who's still a total novice.  

Get out your grains of salt, y'all. 


  1. I was dying for an update! I have fallen in love with the Charlie Banana's, they are so soft. I have yet to wash them but they are my favorite pre-baby. I also love that one of my local Targets carries them (even though color choices leave something to be desired).

  2. Are you using 4.0s in BG? Have you tried the freetime? If I want to use disposables initially, then eventually get the babe in an AIO... What would your ideal stash look like?

    1. I am using the 4.0s - no experience with the Freetime. Ideally, I'd just use Charlie Bananas and BumGenius - 12 of each. I chose the pocket style over the AIOs beceause the pockets dry much quicker and allow flexibility when it comes to stuffing (different inserts for different scenarios). That's just a personal preference though!

  3. We have cloth diapered DS for almost a year now. Have you ever used SBish fitteds? They are BY FAR our favorite to use. At first, I was determined to never do fitteds but will never go back.

    Glad I found your blog!

    The Pretty Pinhead

  4. I have been using a wash routine similar to your original, with great success. I do throw in a few extra soaks and/or rinses once a week, when I remember. So far, so good.
    Are you CD-ing at night, as well? Do you use 2 inserts, and does that make the diapers super tight on the little muppet? How often do you change at night?
    We have been doing really well during the day, but are completely failing at night and have switched to disposable overnight with 1 change after the midnight (or 1am or 2am) feeding. When we have tried CD at night, our little guy wakes up soaked and crying, or the diaper is so snug, we have an epic blow out. Something ain't right here.

    1. We do use cloth at night - I double stuff a BG with the regular insert + infant insert. It definitely makes them bulkier but since the infant insert is shorter and doesn't go all the way up the snaps, it doesn't make them too tight. We did also just move to three snaps open in the middle of the BGs which sometimes seems lose in the day but we've yet to have any leaks or blowouts. Have you tried leaving one more snap open?

      L was sleeping through the night before we adjusted her bedtime so she was going about 9 hours without a change at night. Now she sleeps from about 7pm - 3am and then goes back to sleep until 6:30 or 7:30. So she gets one change at night. The diaper is definitely full but I don't think that's what's waking her up. Have you looked into some different inserts that might be better for heavy soakers? I know hemp is popular!

  5. Thanks for the CD update...it reminded me that I had a huge, jumbo load of my own to wash! We've only used Fuzzibunz, and I agree the adjustments are a pain.

  6. I just wanted to say that hemp rocks as a doubler! My little girl is a huge wetter and we have used these since 4 months. Also, check to see if the diaper is tight around the leg openings. If they are, make sure you have it to the smallest setting. It will help with leakage!

    I always say our night time diaper is our sumo diaper because it is so big and bulky but it keeps her dry through the night.

    Kate, I agree with you about L not getting up because of a diaper. That girl is probably just hungry!

    Keep the great love of CD up!

  7. This has absolutely nothing to do with cloth diapering, but I have been reading about Baby Led Weaning (ordered the book on my kindle) and am soooo intrigued. I was planning on making purees, but I am all in for BLW now! Thanks, friend!

  8. I have found that an extra rinse every now and then is key. I still don't use bleach very often since the majority of our stash is AIOs (either BumGenius or GroVia) and I don't want to ruin the PUL. I read on the DFW Cloth Diaper Group Facebook page that doing a pre-wash on warm has been shown to be more effective sine it's closer to body temperature so I'm going to try that as well hoping it gets more out.

  9. I cannot soak in my washer and it drives me mad. I've read the manual cover to cover and there are NO soaking options. :( I resorted to soaking them in a pot of boiling water. It's a true story. You've gotta do what you've gotta do.

  10. I'm so glad I found your blog! I just started CDs on my 10 week old little girl...we are also using BG 4.0s. Question for you: Do you use regular clorox bleach or does it have to be color safe? Hopefully we can avoid bad ammonia issues thanks to your help! :)

    1. Hi Allison! I am so sorry I am just now answering your question - your comment got stuck in the Awaiting Moderation Folder!

      I use regular, plain Clorox - not color safe! I haven't had any issues with discoloration on my dipes!


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