Sunday, June 17, 2012

daddies and baby-daddies

The other day, on one of the parenting forums whereI happen to lurk on occasion {SECRET SHAME}, I came across a poster who wrote something to the effect of... 

"It's a daddy's job to keep his daughter off the pole.



Not exactly the sentiment I was going for when penning my Father's Day cards this year. 

But!  I'l give the poster the benefit of the doubt and assume she meant something we all know to be true...

Girls need their daddies. 

I had the great luck to be born to a father who made me feel special, reminded me I was smart and pretty, pushed me when I needed it, knew when to let me be... gladly and eagerly took the time.  I should really list those things in present tense - as they are just as true {and important to me} now at age 29 as they were when I was 3 years old... 7... 12... 16... 22.

Daddy Daughter

I also have the great honor to be married to a man who I know will be all those things for our daughter.  My heart is rarely fuller than it is when I hear them giggling and chattering together in the mornings.  Hearing E say, as he's said oodles of times since that fateful ultrasound, "I'm just so glad she's a girl!" is music to my ears.  Watching them together inspires a thousand more cliches -- all true, all wonderful.

Chubby Hugs
{Day 16} #Out&About buying a tv #happyfathersday #junephotoaday

Happy Father's Day to my two favorite men -- the words you say and the time you take everyday matter more than you know!  We love you! ~ K & L


  1. I LOVE the pictures of you with your dad! Very cute.

  2. The pole comment made my day. I better share this with my soon to be baby daddy.

    But seriously, lovely pictures and a great post. You have some special men in your life :)

  3. Fathering is one of the greatest gifts I've had the honor to experience. From Saturday Morning Fun Club to High Adventure white water, to just sitting and sharing a glass of wine and conversation, it continues to be a one fine ride. And I'm so happy to see E developing the same kind of relationship with L. Since I can't say it better, I'll finish by simply copying your last comment: "the words you say and the time you take everyday matter more than you know!"

    Love you! Spleeccchhhh to 2u2.

  4. Love this post. I am so so so lucky to have a Dad just like yours, and at the risk of sounding creepy, I cannot wait to find my own E. Happy first father's day to E!

  5. such a sweet post. i have to say, the chris rock joke about keeping the daughter off the pole is quite hysterical when he does it via stand-up.

    1. Oh dear. Was that a pop culture reference I totally missed?


      I guess I should apologize (in my head) to the poor poster I've been calling trashy (IN MY HEAD) every since...

  6. What a sweet family y'all have! Here's to daddies who keep their girls off the pole!

  7. This post totally made me tear up! Such great photos and memories!

  8. Those pictures of E & L melt my heart!

  9. Okay - she is seriously the cutest, Kate! I just giggle at her pictures! What a beautiful family.


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