Tuesday, July 3, 2012

4 months!

June 21, 2012
Leity Bear,

Oh my nugget - what a big month for you!


Right after your three month birthday we moved you upstairs into your happy, turquoise room... I admit, I was a bit of a wreck that first night, but you showed me that you were more than ready for your own space. We also adjusted your bedtime to an actual "kid" bedtime... We start your bath at 6:00, put on your jam-jams, sing the silly Sleep Sack Song {no more swaddle for you, big girl}, read a story, nurse, sing Angel Eyes, and say good-night by 7:00. Sometimes I go up and down the stairs {there are 27 of them, in case you were wondering} a jillion times before you finally conk out, but other nights you're fast asleep before I even leave the room. You've regressed in the sleep arena just a tad {we'll blame the infamous 4 Month Wakeful Period for that}, but usually make it until 3:30 or 4:00 before waking up briefly to nurse... then it's back to sleep until anywhere between 6:30 and 7:30. There have been a few nights where you've woken up two or three times, but those have been few and far between {thankfully}. I'm hoping you'll decide to sleep through the night soon, although I'm not comfortable "sleep training" you for a couple more months... How's about we render Ferber unnecessary and get 'er done ourselves, whatdayasay?

An hour and forty-five minutes of fighting the nap (her) and crying (her and me) has brought us here. Is it too early for cocktails?

While nighttime sleep is currently acceptable, your napping is atrocious, little nugget. By the end of your fourth month, I'd all but given up trying to put you down in your crib as it just frustrated us both to tears. I'd spend 45 minutes getting you to sleep, and then you'd slumber for maybe 20 or 30 minutes. You will sleep contentedly in your swing or in my arms, and you will nap in the car seat. Your pediatrician told me not to worry too much about naps until you are 6 months old, so I am trying to chill out about it. While I love the extra cuddles, you make it hard for me to get much done around the house during the day! Speaking of that car seat, at the beginning of the month, you'd scream every time we put you in it -- gone was our good car traveler! Finally, we realized you'd outgrown the infant insert and were quite uncomfortable squished up in there. You are much, much happier now that we've removed the insert and adjusted the straps. Thank goodness, as I was going out of my mind running errands with you!


Milestones, milestones... You rolled from your tummy to your back at the very beginning of June... aaaaaand then decided you just weren't that into rolling and have shown absolutely no interest in a repeat performance. You do love to roll from your back to your side -- a move which you execute with all the grace of a sumo wrestler by bringing your feet all the way to your head and slamming them down to one side. It's hysterical and must be captured on film posthaste. You also scoot on your back with your little, pudgy feet --- I'll put you down on one side of your play mat and you'll be on the opposite side when I turn back around. You no longer hate Tummy Time; you'll tolerate it for a good 15 minutes at a time now.


You still love to be upright -- the Bumbo, exersaucer, riding in the stroller without the car seat, and sitting in our laps are all big hits. You love, love, love your hands - you are constantly chewing on your fists and fingers, and in your crib, you often suck your forearm like you're giving yourself a hickey. You also like to chew on your clothes and tug on your left ear {I was a bit afraid you might have an ear infection, but - nope! - just one of your peculiarities!}. You like holding Sophie and the black and green teething ring, but haven't quite figured out that you can suck on those just as you can your hands. We are almost positive you are a thumb-sucker, but you will take a pacifier on occasion. People keep asking if you're teething - lots of drool, but no sign up gum nubs yet.

Sleeping on the job.

You are still an aggressive grabber and, now, a purposeful one as well. The Lamaze toys are your favorites to grasp and bat {we have Mr. Moose, the beaver, and Petey Peacock}. You have figured out how to hit the shapes on your exersaucer's piano to make the music play. At the moment, you don't seem to have a hand preference.

You love books. Or else you happily tolerate my love of books {a good enough start, don't you think?}. You seem to respond the most to rhymes, so we've been reading a lot of Dr. Seuss, Richard Scarey's Nursery Rhymes, and One Hungry Monster {thanks GranJan!}. Singing books crack you up -- so there is lots of Sandra Boynton's Snuggle Puppy and Barnyard Dance and Raffi's Wheels on the Bus. Music in general is your jam... You and I continue to sing lots of Motown, Broadway Hits, and Van Morrison {you also enjoy the classics - Old McDonald and Itsy Bitsy Spider}, while you and your dad chill out to Bon Iver.

Story Time... E likes to elaborate on B is for Baylor with inappropriate college anecdotes...spices things up a bit

GranJan calls you The Happy Buddha - and you really are such a cheerful gal! You shoot us a smile so big that it makes your eyes squint, and we just fall to pieces. You can be fussing up a storm in your crib, and if one of us walks in, you bust out that smile -- it makes it nearly impossible for us not to scoop you up immediately and cover you in kisses. You giggle, chuckle, coo, and talk. Your favorite sounds to make are "gee" and "gah."

Heart. Explosion.

We had a blast celebrating Dad this month... Technically, I suppose it was his second Father's Day as we found out we were expecting you three days prior to Father's Day 2011, but what fun to party down with you in person this year! We opened presents in bed -- Dad loved the wayfarers you helped me pick out, as well as his Stickygram Magnets. We also enjoyed a great lunch with PawPaw, Gigi, and Aunt B.


We celebrated with T-Pop earlier in the week when you and I made your fourth trip to Austin. We had lunch with your bestie Ella, Colleen, Eileen, and Hudson at The Grove, and hosted a little happy hour with lots of family -- you visited with Jean, Meredith, Margot, Patty, Jim, Kathryn, Joan, and Joy. We also saw lots of Mama J this month, traveling to and through Waco on three separate occasions. Aaaand! You got to meet Heather this month... Hopefully you can meet your buddy Alice soon as well!

{Day 10} Visiting with Mama J #bestbitofweekend #junephotoaday

You definitely love to eat, chunky monkey! The days of worrying over your growth are long gone! You weighed in at 16 pounds even this month, putting you in the 90th percentile - up from the 50th percentile at your 2 month checkup! You also grew four inches - our tall girl is now over two feet tall {25.5 in}. Your dad and I were both big babies, and we're thinking, had it not been for the VCI, you would have been much larger at birth as well. We love those delicious rolls!

Happy Buddha reemerges!

You are so incredibly expressive... and I could literally eat those cheeks up.


Buglet, you continue to surprise me everyday! We could not love you more... ain't no way, sweet girl!

To the moon and back, Mama


Four Month Stats and Milestones

- 16 pounds - 90th percentile
- 25.5 inches -
- Diaper Size
* BumGenius: 3 snaps open at waist / 1 snap buttoned in crotch in BumGenius
* Charlie Banana: 1 snap open at waist / buttons at 2 or Medium
* FuzziBunz: 2 snaps open at waist / buttons at 2
* Size 3 in disposables
- Clothing Size - 6 months; a few 9 month tops worn as dresses

- Rolled over from tummy to back - June 6
- First Father's Day - June 17

- Nicknames: Leity Bear, Leity Bug, Buglet, Muppet, Nugget, Chunky Monkey, Buddha Baby
- Favorite Toys: Bumbo, Baby Einstein Musical Jumper, Lamaze Toys, Baby Einstein "iPod"
- purposefully grabs toys {and hair and necklaces}
- chews on hands and clothes, sucks thumb and fingers
- consistently rolls from back to side


  1. Oh my God, the duck pajamas! Sweetness overload.

  2. She is such a doll! Dell Harper did the same thing- rolled over around 3.5 months for a few days, then decided she was over it for a few weeks. Now she rolls from back to tummy, but dislikes going back!

    I can't believe how big she has gotten! Adorable!

  3. I love, love, LOVE the baby rolls. Love them. Her and E were almost the exact same size at this age so I'm sure you're in for many more months of baby rolls ;) And her face is so full of expression. She sure is a pretty girl!

  4. She's an exceptional lovely baby. And those sleepy eyes...

  5. CUTEST baby ever. Seriously!

  6. 4 months is SUCH a fun age! And seriously, I cannot handle the rolls. Too much!

  7. Will Smith would be impressed :)

  8. I'm sure you've read "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Baby" (saved our asses!)--naps will get organized soon. I waited til 6 months for sleep training and it was like magic. The naps and bedtime all fell right into place! We suddenly had a super happy baby. We did full extinction, it sounds god awful, but we had an angry baby not a crying baby. He protested/yelled for 27 minutes the first time and then went to sleep. That was it and its still the most.

    Those first 6 months of crap nap and night waking was the worst, but it did get better!! And we had a horrible, colic-filled mess of a baby who never slept longer than 35 minutes for a nap. Now, 16 months, naps for 2.5-3 a day, sleeps 11 hours at night, awesome.

  9. Um..AHEM...you also got to meet your future bf Owen and two of your very favorite aunties in the month of June :) Or does that come after the 4 mo. update? Either way LOVEYOU!


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