Monday, July 9, 2012

Menu Monday

I did a poorer than usual job of photographing food this week... must've been too busy squeezing this little firecracker and enjoying all the fun and festivities the Fourth has to offer {slash, all the fun and festivities a holiday hangover right smack in the middle of the week has to offer}... 



 Roasted Garbanzo & Steak Salad w/ Brussels, Avocado & Mustard Dressing #wfd
Not quiiiiiiite as amazing as my other steak salad staple, but pretty damn close. I had a handful of leftover brussels from Monday's quiche so I roasted those up with the garbanzos and tossed 'em in as well. 

Brown Butter Gnocchi with Spinach & Walnuts
courtesy of Cooking Light
Brown Butter Gnocchi with Spinach & Walnuts #wfd
I could barely believe this was a Cooking Light recipe when it randomly pinged in my In-Box a while back... It definitely feels decadent!  

Along with the foregoing meals, I made my Lighter Quiche Base with turkey bacon, shallots, and roasted brussels; Maggie's Orzo Pasta Salad for the 4th {one of my very favorite summer staples... I sub goat cheese for feta}; and Tortellini Tomato Pasta Salad {which E raved about as if it came from a Michelin star restaurant}{thank you, Rachel!}. 


  1. Did you see my MM post today? We had the same tortellini salad last week!!

  2. That is such a great pool pic of y'all!


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