Monday, July 2, 2012

when adult interaction is overrated

Background: We bought a new Samsung "Smart TV" from Best Buy -- a purchase I initially proclaimed to be an unnecessary expense.  For the record, I was oh-so-wrong.  This thing is The Shit. It's like watching a giant iPad.  Anyhoo, two Geek Squaders arrived last Friday to set up our new buddy and attempt to teach me it's fancy, technological ways.  Whilst sending my Netflix account to the TV via voodoo nerd magic, the Geeks selected the next item in my queue with which to demo.  Said item was, in fact, episode 3 of season 1 of Breaking Bad.  As a refresher, this episode {SPOILER ALERT} begins with Science Teacher Cancer Guy and Expert Meth Cooker Ex-Student Dude cleaning up and disposing of melted human remains. 

Scene: We all watch as the dynamic duo flush the mollified guts down the toilet. 

Geeker 1:  What in the world...

Me: Yeah, um, they just disposed of a body by pouring some sort of acid on it.  But that skinny young guy put the acid in the bathtub because he doesn't follow direction well and the acid ate through it and that's how all the gunk---

Geeker 2: ---You know they couldn't do that in real life, right?

Me: What? Disintegrate a body in acid? Because I'm pretty sure---

Geeker 2: ---No, dump that stuff down the toilet.  You can't get rid of human waste product that way.  It's illegal. 

Me: Yeah, well, I think killing a drug lord and cooking a bunch of meth in an Airstream is also illegal.

Geeker 2:  But you just can't toss body parts down a drain. 

Me:  Yeah, well, given the situation, I'm not sure they are all that concerned with by-the-book-disposal of their murder victim.

Geeker 2: No, but, like, I've seen CSI people handle that type of stuff.  You have to burn it.  You can't just put it down the toilet.  You can get fined big time for that. 


Right.  Um.  Can you show me how I turn on the sound bar again? 


  1. HA! That is an amazing interaction!

  2. GOOD LORD. And this is why they are hourly employees at Geek Squad.

  3. Nerds. It's virtually impossible to have a conversation with them that doesn't end in your needing a very alcoholic beverage or a migraine pill (or both). I know. I'm married to one. Thankfully he's a better socialized version than the one you encountered.

  4. Good gracious. Way to have tunnel vision there Mr. Geeksquad.

  5. please tell me you had a whopping large glass of wine after that? i'd need it i'm pretty sure!

  6. Christ. It's fiction.

    Side note: I went to high school where that show was filmed! Hey, us New Mexicans don't get to brag very often.


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