Wednesday, August 1, 2012

hello, high altitudes. also, chicken.

I know, I know... the horse was DOA sometimes around 2:00 this afternoon.


But! I must say, I found my Facebook and Twitter feeds the most stimulating they've been in quite some time.  Your thoughts on where you'd eat lunch today were MUCH more interesting than... your thoughts on, um, where you've eaten lunch every day for the past 8 years

You know what I mean.  You can keep your "found on Pinterest" holiday craft status updates... And I'll bask  in the glow of {mostly} intelligent social discourse. 

{I listen to the Fisher Price Jungle Friends Playlist Catalog on repeat and sing "I Like to Eat Apples & Bananas" at least 17 times daily... Just give me this moment, mmmmmmkay?} 


Estes Park, CO 2011 - 15ish weeks pregnant... and apparently on our way to Hikers' Prom?

estes park
Estes Park, CO 2010 - Not pregnant. Halway to tipsy - Yay altitude!

We're off on our third annual "Escape from the Face of the Sun" trip to Colorado... this time to Breckenridge, where my parentals are kindly letting us piggyback off a sweet condo rental.  As with all vacaciones con bebe, this is sure to be quite a different trip with L in tow, but we are very much looking forward to introducing her to the mountains.  


In fact, the nugget in question spent the afternoon watching me pack whilst working on her fitness in preparation for her first hiking jaunts.  She is also pretty excited to try her hand at the layering trend... 40 degree lows, people.  FORTY DEGREE LOWS. 

Relatedly, babies do not need all that much stuff.  The stuff they do need is mini-sized.  {Tangent: Squeeeeeee} And yet... it sure does seem like I'm hauling an insane amount of gear for four nights. I shudder to think what my bag would look like if L still took bottles {another post for another day}.  

Oh well.  It will all be worth the baggage corralling when we're humming John Denver and wrapped in fleece. 



  1. I feel you on the "chicken" discourse as well as the baby-packing. we're heading to the beach this weekend [aka first trip with a baby] and I'm ridiculously overwhelmed by how much I need to pack/bring with us for Penny... oy.

  2. Yay for escaping to cooler environs! Have a fabulous and restful trip.

  3. Woohoo! Welcome to Colorado. Spent some time in the mountains with my 4 month old last weekend. Do you have a sleep sack? A fuzzy fleece one? I layered him in light PJs and a sleep sack and he slept wonderfully. Plus, I am betting that the witching hour will disappear with the cool breeze and new trees to look at. Go have a few beers at the Breckenridge brewery or the Dam Brewery. It will be good for your milk. Not to mention there are fabulous places to hike in Break...and if the weather is too cold, outlet malls in Silverthorn just about 10 miles away!

  4. I'm headed to Estes Park (hopefully) in early October where I will be 35 weeks pregnant and... wait for it... a bridesmaid in a wedding! Whales in Colorado, who knew!?

    For once I'm glad to live in BFE where there are no Chic Fil-A's (tangent: I don't even know how to properly spell it). That said, yes, we get to vote with our dollars every day. Amazing what an impact it can have!

  5. Have you heard the Keith Urban version of Apples & Bananas? I recommend.

    Hope your trip is great!

  6. You know Denver is only a short drive away AND on the way to DIA, right ;) Have a great trip and enjoy the mountains. Make sure to grab some crepes while your up there!


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