Sunday, October 28, 2012

Menu Sunday

So apparently I failed to take supper pictures this week... I know y'all are ridiculously upset over the lack of poorly lit iPhone food photography in your Readers.  There, there.  Just wipe your tears, pour yourself another glass of red, and try to enjoy the two gems I did manage to capture...

Chicken Fajitas
Chicken Fajitas on Roasted Jalapeño Tortillas #wfd
Mi madre has the hands-down best fajita marinade around... and it just so happens to be ridiculously simple. You're going to need 1 bottle of Woody's Cook-In Sauce{the original with the white writing} {list of retailers here} + 3/4th bottle of Italian salad dressing {any cheapo variety will do}.  That's enough marinade to take on about 3 pounds of chicken tenders... Jan suggests freezing half of the sauce unless you're cooking an ass-load {I'm paraphrasing} of fajitas.  After a few hours {or overnight} in the ol' marinade bath, you just throw the tenders on the grill, then pair 'em with your favorite tortillas and toppings.  GOOD STUFF, y'all. 

Lighter Sesame Chicken
courtesy of Iowa Girl Eats
After a rocky start...sesame chicken is somewhat salvaged #wfd
I had such high hopes for this recipe, as I am rather fond of sesame chicken.  And, in the end, it turned out fine.  But that "amazing" "faux-batter technique?" Um, yeah, that shit cemented itself to the bottom of my very favorite saute pan.  And I definitely had enough oil / was cooking at an appropriate temperature.  I nearly scraped the entire meal and dialed out for pizza, but was able to salvage enough chicken to make do for dinner. It was tasty enough.

And we also enjoyed...

Coconut Chicken Chili
I've made this before and it was just as big of a hit the second time around.  The caloric value drastically improves with the substitution of Light Coconut Milk, and the overall taste gets a boost with a hit from the salt shaker and a nice long simmer {I let mine hang tight for a good hour -- prior to adding the beans}. 

Linguine with Arugula Pesto & Cherry Tomato Sauce
courtesy of Gourmet Today
Another repeat... this one from the very recent past. This vegetarian recipe just could not be more simple or more delicious. 

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