Thursday, January 10, 2013


Christmas is officially over in our household.  {Well, except for the card display.  It's going to hang out a while.}  I packed up all our decor and ornaments and lights last weekend, but our naked tree has been straight chilling... until this morning when I realized at 6:45 a.m. that it is Bulk Trash Day and roused E from his slumber {sorry, honey} to help me drag it to the curb.  I keep covertly peaking out the blinds to see if it's been whisked away... Bulk Trash is like elves or Santa or water set to boil.  It won't do it's thang if you're hovering about, waiting for it to come.

But, I'm rather anxious, you see, because last year Bulk Trash failed to take our tree.  At first I thought I'd misread the map and thought perhaps we were zoned for Week 3 instead of Week 2, so we let the tree sit on our curb all week like a couple of fucking holiday hillbillies.  But, the third Thursday came and went and our sad tree carcass lived on.  Then, I spent entirely too long reading the Bulk Trash rules and regs, figuring Christmas trees were simply excluded from pickup since that would be a whole lotta pine mucking up City Services....But nowhere in the poorly written city code does it say No Christmas Trees, so I'm not sure what the deal was.

At any rate, Christmas Tree v.2011 is still sitting in our side yard.  I contemplating hauling it out front this morning as well, but didn't want to push my luck.  Also, if we let it sit there for another decade or so, we'll probably have some really nice mulch action going on.


Anyhoo, the house looks barren and a little sad, but much cleaner.  Christmas decorations on top of the daily baby toy explosion do not a neat and tidy home make.  Plus, I went ahead and tackled the purging and organization of our under-the-staircase closet.  The space is now much more usable and, should we ever find ourselves the guardians of a seven-year-old Harry Potter, there is room enough for him under there, too.  Bonus Points: In my first spousal victory of the New Year, E allowed me to trash two of the four carpet scraps we had stored in that closet.  We are going on two years since our flood renovation  and I'm not entirely sure why we are holding on to these... Maybe during the zombie apocalypse, we will be tasked with decorating a very small yet luxurious bomb shelter, who knows -- but as someone who personally feels compelled to save every single twisty tie that enters this house in a Secret Drawer of Twisty Tie Shame, on some level, I get it. 

{Although I would like to state for the record that twisty ties take up way less space.}

{And I do end up using them on occasion.}

{But, that's cool, I'll shut up about the carpet scraps now.}



  1. HAHAHAHA! I'm the same way about twisty ties!

  2. Our area didn't have tree pick up in 2011. So our v. 2011 tree trunk sat in our back yard until this year. We finally got a good saw and chopped it up. Good luck with yours!

  3. About 2pm on Christmas Day I looked at my husband and was all "too soon to take down the Christmas tree?" I love the Christmas decorating, but damn it gets old quickly. I feel overwhelmed by the clutter.

    We took the tree down on the 27th. Or, rather, I de-decorated it on the 27th and stuck the naked tree on the back deck for Dusty to deal with. Then it froze in our tree stand (should have thought to empty the water first). So until Dusty cut the tree from the tree stand we looked like the wierdos with a tree in the tree stand on the back deck. And every time I looked out the kitchen window I jumped thinking something or someone was on our back deck! It's the tree moron...

  4. My in-laws always buy a live tree that they can re-plant. They have, like, 29 Evergreens planted and a couple more still in pots, waiting...Good thing they have acreage!

  5. So glad to see you are following through on your New Year's musings and writing about whatever comes up. Your clever/entertaining writing style makes me smile!


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