Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Holiday Recap 2013

First thing's first, thank y'all so much for all your kind words in response to my Moms Make It Work guest post yesterday!  As I said, this is a topic I've {obviously} spent a lot of time pondering, but I've always hesitated to click "publish" on previously-written entries for fear of sounding neurotic, whiny, self-indulgent... or all three.  Your feedback made this endeavor both easy and fun.  Another big thank you to Julia for inviting me to this platform.  I'm so happy to be a part of it, and so jazzed to read the rest of the entries -- I hope you'll follow along, too! 

Pre Christmas Eve Service. AKA: The only photo taken of us on a real camera. 
In which all three of us look drunk, although I'm pretty sure none of us are.

Well. It's nearly mid-way through January, so, hmmmmmm, yeah, sounds about right for a holiday recap post.  

Per usual, we had a wonderful five days at my Mama J's house in Waco despite several non-ideals {E was quite ill, L slept like ass for no reason whatsoever and forced everyone to play musical beds so they wouldn't be subjected to her irrational screams of protest, and my dad is still rehabbing in his turtle shell brace}.  Despite those minor bummers, L kept us all in good spirits with her unbridled Christmas cheer.  Everyone says it, and everyone speaks the truth: kids make the holidays so damn fun.  

From a personal standpoint, I ate a lot of butter press cookies, took almost zero photos, and single-handedly built the shit out of that play kitchen {no one is allowed to get a virus or have spinal surgery next year if Santa's workshop requires more than three construction steps}.  My handiwork was rewarded with a Vitamix {eat your heart out, Annie Banks} and riding boots that actually fit over calves {with thanks to Jessica Simpson, of all people}.  We saw American Hustle on Christmas night, per movie-going family tradition; I thought it was quite fun and wanted even more of nutbag Jennifer Lawrence huffing her nail polish, but Amy Adams' breasts had me in a state of anxiety for the entirety of the film {SSRIs brought to you by Hollywood Tape}. 

After a few holiday detox days at home, we loaded everyone back up for nearly an entire week in Austin {wherein E made a quick jaunt to the Fiesta Bowl in AZ... but we're attempting to forget that ever happened}.  We enjoyed a super low-key New Year's Eve with an early bird supper at Hula Hut followed by the holiday light show at Mozart's {both on Lake Austin}.  That light show is about the best free 12 minutes of yule tide entertainment you'll find anywhere.  Highly recommend, and the perfect way to say good-bye 2013 with a toddler in tow. 

We were also lucky enough to see {and play with!} loads of friends and family {some who hadn't seen L since her first birthday} while we were visiting.  Plus L had her first food trailer experience {"fry pick-eels! fry pick-eels!"}, and E and I snuck away for dinner followed by drinks with CSP. 

We loved our holiday bonanza + our extended stay in Austin and are looking forward to all the fun 2014 has in store for us {despite what L's face might suggest to the contrary... Girlfriend has yet to be swayed that silly hats are indeed fun}.


  1. it was so fun to see you guys! also? almost spit out my coffee when i read your caption on the first photo. hilarious drunk faces, all :)

  2. So much love for the FoTB reference!

    Your description of the first picture if comical.

    And how cool are those bowling pins?!

  3. That mediation center still gives me PTSD thanks to a very unsuccessful experience there. :) But Mozart's makes up for it. NEXT TIME!!!

  4. Oh, I just got the blender reference. I definitely have blender envy - review it! Let us know what great food you make with it!
    Your family is lovely and thank you for the perspective you shared in the previous post. You are so intelligent and thoughtful (and pretty much RIGHT all of the time).
    I hope your 2014 will be fabulous.

  5. I always thought it was weird that she flipped over the blender. I love practical gifts because it means they're paying attention! L is precious per usual.


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