Thursday, May 29, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend Recap {+ LE Swimwear Review*}

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Aren't three day weekends glorious? 

They pretty much make me feel like this:


While the weather could have been better {re: hotter; sunnier} {I can't believe I'm complaining about cooler temps and rain... Texas Summer Karma will surely bite me in the ass every day for the next 4 months now}, we made the most of it... just as we made the most of our Patio Furniture Situation Saturday night with friends. 

Z & L brought G and a delicious supper over to kick off our lazy Memorial Day festivities, and I think it's safe to say loads of fun was had by both kiddos and adults. 


In this Newborn Haze, I've missed "Grownup Time" more than I realized, and nothing is sweeter than good friends passing your cranky baby around while you enjoy a libation or four during the ol' witching hour(s).  Our backyard looked a bit like the aftermath of a tiny frat party* on Sunday morning which is truly the mark of an excellent evening. 

*{a casual frat gathering, more like} 

*{except with way better beer} 

*{and no trashcan punch sludge on the floor} 

*{or random shoes missing their matches flung about} 

*{okay, fine, there were, like, 3 beer bottles leftover that we failed to initially recycle}  

*{so, really, it was like the aftermath of  four 30-somethings-with-kids-cutting-loose-but-not-so-loose-as-to-be-too-hungover-because-kids-are-extra-evil-when-too-hungover} 

When the rain wasn't, uh, raining on our parade, we spent Sunday and Monday at the pool.  It seems L inherited my childhood tolerance for freezing water, and she happily splashed around for hours despite the chilliness. Unfortunately, I have not retained this particular resistance and much prefer my chlorine 85 degrees or warmer but can't really deny my girl the childhood pleasure of being a waterlogged, goosebumpy prune. Plus, I got a few breaks with this delightful sack of taters:

{lightning break for "froyoyo"}

We didn't grill out as I'd planned {which means hotdogs for dinner tonight - Huzzah!}, and the youngest member of our clan put the kibosh on a would-be relaxing movie night, but, all in all, it was a solid holiday weekend.  I hope yours was also filled with laughter, hops, mustard-laden deliciousness, and reverence for those who've secured our many freedoms throughout the years. 

Now for my Unofficial Lands' End Swimwear Review... 

Last week, I ordered 6 mix-and-match pieces from LE: the Swirl Crewneck Swim Tee Rash GuardBeach Living Polka Dot Adjustable Scoop Tankini Top, Beach Living Stripe Shirred Tankini TopBeach Living High Rise Swimsuit Bottoms with Tummy Control, and Beach Living High Rise Swimsuit Bottom {sans tummy control}.  SPOILER ALERT: I am keeping everything but the polka dot tankini top and the non-tummy control bottoms. 

I've given myself a pass and preemptively declared this summer a wash, body image wise.  At 8 weeks post-partum, 30 pounds down but knowing full well my breastfeeding body holds on to those last pounds like Jack and Rose clinging to floating lumber {"we'll never let goooooo!"} {and also recognizing I started off this pregnancy 15 lbs heavier than my first}, I just can't spend the energy worrying too much about my "bikini body" {love that post so hard, bee-tee-dubs}.  So as far as swimwear is concerned, 2014 is all about function -- at this point, form is just gravy. 

The pieces I received are chock full of function, but I was pleasantly surprised to find there might be some gravy on the menu this summer, too! 

First up, the rash guard.  As the name suggests, the fit is definitely more like that of a t-shirt {ie: looser than some other styles that more closely resemble scuba gear}. Some might favor a sportier look, but I'm embracing the blousiness. I'm also really digging the pattern I selected; having worn the same basic black getup for the past 2 summers, a brighter print is a major improvement! Darker pieces underneath do show through a bit, though -- not a huge deal to me, but don't expect super thick material. I ordered my normal size. 

I am so pleasantly surprised with the dresskini, I can't even tell you. The material is nice and thick, the top is super supportive {underwire is involved}, and it's fitted enough that I don't appear to be wearing a mumu. Essentially, it's a cute sundress you can wear in the water. You do need bikini bottoms underneath -- it's not a one piece deal. After comparing the two bottoms I ordered {tummy control vs no tummy control in the exact same style}, I went with the tummy control {how many more times can I type "tummy?"}. I actually thought the tummy control {TUMMY!} would have a Bad Spanx Effect, complete with muffin top spillage at the waist, but they don't squeeze. I ordered my normal size in both pieces; if you're unsure on the dress, size down.

I'm also quite happy with the striped tankini top {that I'm wearing with the same solid navy bottoms I described above}. Same thick, supportive material that stays put whilst scampering about attempting to prevent toddler drowning incidents.  The straps are adjustable and there's more hidden underwire magic to be had.  The polka dot version wasn't nearly as flattering, so back it goes.  Again, I ordered my regular size. 

Suffice to say, I'm as pleased with these four pieces as I possibly can be at this stage in the game.  Lands' End gets another stamp of approval from me and my wobbly bits!  


  1. What pool do y'all go to? We've been on the waitlist at KC for a few years (and when I called this summer to check our status we're still in the 400s!

  2. Looks like a great weekend! We too spent the majority of the weekend in the pool, as the wee one basically insisted on it. Fine by me - I just wish there had been cocktails involved. Your 30-something frat party looked delightful! And your LE bathing suit finds are awesome. LOVE that dresskini - you look great!

    1. You're due just in time for Seasonal Fall Ales! The Most Wonderful Time of the Year! SO thrilled for you, and can't wait to hear all about it!

  3. Please tell me you've seen this:

    1. Oh yes! And I have several caftans at the ready! Samma (Spice & Sass) actually had a Caftan Bod post last week - cracked me up!!

  4. We always love reading your take on life, even when you aren't glowing about our fabulous swimwear. Cheers to a great summer and two completely adorable kiddos.

  5. Love the suits. And love your Jack and Rose analogy :)

  6. GOOD on the LE swimwear love! I also posted about my rash guard/wobbly bits for Friday- and the playmate info! I want another rash guard.

    1. I reeeeeally want the striped one to go off backorder. Because, yaknow, I obviously need more stripes.

  7. This is so helpful. I'm going to have to look into that dresskini.

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