Thursday, July 30, 2015

Day in the Life: Monday, July 27, 2015

I majorly dropped the ball this quarter and failed to document one of our summer days in time to join Julia et al for the DitL Roundup.  But I wanted to keep the streak alive and really didn't want to skip our first season in Austin, so consider this my catch-up...

Summer 2015: Monday, July 27

Kate is 32
E is 33
L is nearly 3.5
B is almost 16 months

We have lived in Austin for 6 weeks!

12:20 am - I finish watching Pretty Little Liars {Season 4, Episode 3}, because Netflix recently reminded me what excellent taste I have when binge watching. I head up to bed but am not at all sleepy.  My Kindle battery is dead so I read some DitL posts on Julia's blog...and decide to document mine tomorrow {today!}. I all of a sudden remember I forgot to buy Thinkery tickets and order them online.  Fall asleep around 1:15 which is hours later than usual. 

5:24 am - I wake up with a start thinking E slept through his alarm.  He flies to Dallas today {as he does most every Monday now}, and his alarm is set on my phone as his is relatively ancient and showing its age by refusing to sound when the alarm goes off.  But my adrenaline rush is all for naught because there are 16 more minutes remaining until he needs to wake up. 

5:40 am - E's alarm rings and he's up, showered, dressed, and out the door in a major jiffy.  I am back to sleep in an even more major jiffy.  E texts me less than an hour later to say he's through security; I'm pretty sure he bent the laws of physics to accomplish this but I guess TSA Pre-Check helps. I snooze until 7:15, then check my email {notice the BBB has replied to my complaint against our movers - wahoo!}, brush my teeth, and head in to get B and L. 

7:20 am - Both kiddos are ready to rise and shine!  L picks out her underpants and also wants to pick out what B is going to wear {she selects and lays out her clothes every night before bed, so she's already set}.  I change B's diaper while trying to "gently suggest" L not pair green and navy shorts with a red and tan tank top. We settle on the shorts with a Baylor sailor bear tee.  We head downstairs, and L changes into her clothes. 

I toast some bagels, wash blueberries, and make smoothies {almond butter, frozen banana, chia seeds, raw honey, unsweetened vanilla coconut milk} for breakfast. L is still really psyched about the "CVD" {DVD} we won at a little children's concert we attended at the library on Friday, and keeps chattering all about it.  The musical group was called Sugar-Free All-Stars and their music did not make me want to saw off my ears, so I also think it's pretty cool we won free swag.  I text with E, start a load of laundry, and make coffee.  Aaaaand then, because my musical tastes mirror my TV programming selections, we jam out to Fight Song. 

8:15 am - Everyone is done with breakfast.  The kids play while I clean up with kitchen.  L reads the Dallas book I made her before we moved; we read it multiple times a day for the first month after we moved, and I feel like it helped make the transition quite smooth. She hasn't been requesting it as often and no longer requires it in her bed while she sleeps; not sure if that's psychologically symbolic or not? Either way, she seems to be adjusting really well. B mostly jumps on the big leather chair in the play room, runs circles around downstairs with the shopping cart, and generally causes mayhem.   There is a brief sibling tussle over a babydoll juice bottle, and, in the middle of being disciplined, L shouts "LETS PAINT MY TOENAILS" at the top of her lungs... Beauty-Product-Tourettes?  Is that a thing?  

8:30 am -  My mom is here!  She helps get B dressed, I get dressed, and we all load up with fig bars and coffee for the Thinkery. It's Baby Bloomers Monday {ages 0-3 only from 9 to noon} which means a much tamer crowd in the summer. 

9:30 am - We park and head into the museum, kissing / mounting pigs on the way in.  We hit up the photo booth first so L can see her picture up on the rotating collage screen. 

We hit up all the usual hotspots -- giant LiteBrite, the shadow photography, painting on glass, the water area, the farmer's market, and the baby area {which is actually one of L's favorites as she loves to make believe with the stuffed bunnies and carrots}.  New favorites this visit include playing with magnet shards {B}, the chicken coop {both kiddos}, and the toddler gym area {both}.  A kiddie gymnastics company is doing a free circuit in the gym, and B goes nuts for it -- he does the forward and backward roll stations a dozen times.  L is quite partial to the Beanie Baby Balance Beam station. 

I'm so used to taking both kidlets to activities by myself, but it is super nice to have another adult present for these sorts of outings now that B doesn't want to be worn or contained in any fashion; everyone gets to do what they want to do without being forced to stick together the entire time!  Yay for J!  I love living so close to my parents, and not just for the free childcare {although that is an undeniable perk}. 

After a quick snack in the park across the street, we head home around 11:45 am. J sits in the back so B won't fall asleep and spoil his nap; this does not please him. We are home by 12:15 pm and say our goodbyes to J. The minions get a quick lunch of PB&H(oney), fruit, and leftover smoothie. We have our nap/rest {it's always a mystery whether L will actually sleep} routine down pat: I change B and give him a bottle while L goes to the bathroom, gets her Pull Up on, and reads in bed until I come in to turn off her light; she is kind of the bomb at doing things independently now! B and I snuggle during his bottle {I am probably the only idiot parent on Earth who got her one year old addicted to bottles after weaning; the child who'd maybe had a few bottles per month during his first year now gets two per day prior to nap and bedtime}, and I sing Cowboy Take Me Away, The Water is Wide, and You Are My All in All {youth group throwback - hollah!} -- an eclectic mix for a toddler, but I'll take what I can get before the requests for Itsy Bitsy Spider start. I put him in his crib with his "yayas" and stuffed buddies, fully anticipating having to come back in when he tosses everything out and, consequentially, screams his head off.  I kiss L good night and tuck her in for her rest. 

1:00 pm - I pop into our room to make our bed; I shake my fist at the sky because I still cannot find the yellow shams that match our sheets and why were they not packed with the yellow sheets like the blue ones were packed with the blue sheets and WHERE THE FUCK ARE MY YELLOW SHAMS.  {Also? Can I even hang anything over our bed with that random window screwing with my feng shui? #DitLofFirstWorldProblems} After the mental sham tantrum, I clean up lunch and unload the dishwasher while listening to Terry Gross's interview with Jake Gyllenhaal.  My lady-boner for JG leveled up big time after enjoying Mystery Show's "Source Code" episode at 5 am on our drive to Alabama; highly, highly recommend Mystery Show {although... where did it go? It was topping the podcast charts!  And now... nothing!}  This interview is also pretty delightful. 

1:19 pm - I check on the kidlets -- asleep!  And without having to reload B's crib!  I fold laundry, make myself lunch {the cupboards are very bare as we didn't grocery shop yesterday like we usually do; I find some turkey bacon, make a sandwich with the remaining bread heels, toss some blueberries on the plate, and pour the last of the kombucha}, and make a grocery list to tackle after the meatloaves awaken. Call our Dallas pediatrician to ask about transferring records; sit on hold for 9 minutes before I'm transferred to someone's voicemail.  I am ever-so-pleased to be transferring pediatricians.  After leaving a message, I call my top choice Austin pediatrician to see if she's taking new patients... she is! Yay! I get the skinny on the documents I need to fill out before making an appointment and already feel awesome about the switch.  While I'm on the phone, I receive a voicemail from the Dallas pediatrician -- ain't that always the way.  Locate the documents I need to comply with HIPAA and print them out.  Pay my credit card.  Revise my resume and begin filling out a job application for a position I'm super interested in but am not sure is a great fit right now.  I'm still not sure if I'll actually send the whole thing in. 

3:00 pm - L is up.  I grab her some fruit snacks and peanuts and turn on DocMcStuffins.  We hum along together on the couch, and I continue the job application. My bar dues and licensing fees need to be paid and I contemplate switching to inactive status for the millionth time... The majority of the jobs I'm interested in don't even require me to be an active member of the Texas Bar, but it would mentally murder me to hand in my bar card.  But... $600+ dollars in addition to CLE every year... ick.  Put that decision off for another day {again}. B starts fussing at 3:45 and I head up to get him.  On my way, I notice the main kitchen lights won't turn on.  The cabinet lights, island pendants, and breakfast area lights all work so I don't know what the heck is going on.  Pray it doesn't require an electrician as I change B's massive poop diaper. I get B set up with a snack in his highchair and call my dad about the lights. He is on his way home and pops by 10 minutes later.  We fiddle with the fuse box and figure the lights out.  Say our thank-yous and good-byes to T-Pop {again. SO AMAZING to live so close to the 'rentals}.  

4:30 pm - We really need to go to the grocery store, but the kids are playing so nicely.  L has an entire "feast" laid out for Pink Puppy, and B is running circles around downstairs with the doll stroller.  L is like one loop of continuous dialog these days -- it's hysterical. I type up a few notes for this post as they play and give them a 5 minute warning for shopping. 

5:00 pm - We load up and head to HEB.  I really, really, REALLY miss having our little neighborhood Dallas Whole Foods 1.5 miles away, but I am also thrilled to be back in the land of HEBs!  The store is packed, as anticipated, but I make the executive decision to Instacart about half of our list {to be delivered from WF tomorrow} before the small fries stage a coup.  The trip still takes us an hour, including the stop at the Buddy Bucks machine {we wrack up 19 Buddy Bucks - wahoo!}.  E texts me as we're on our way out to the parking lot to say he's boarded his flight home {the "cute girl" is in response to a video of L I took at the Thinkery, not sweet-talk... just in case you were nauseated}. L talks a ton about my sister in law's wedding and her flower girl dress on the way home and it's adorable {"me and Aunt B are gonna have matching white dresses! Does Aunt's B get a tutu on her wedding dress like I have a tutu on my wedding dress?  I'm going to be the flower girl and I'm going to throw flowers and candy!  Are you going to wear a wedding dress, too, Mama?  Is Uncle Shawn (my SIL's fiance) going to come to Aunt B's wedding?" Etc, etc, etc}. 

6:05 pm - I unload the bodies and the groceries.  The kiddos play some more while I put everything away and get the water boiling for their dinner {tortellini}.  We groove to the Pitch Perfect Pandora Station.  L gets physical with the Vitamix. 

6:30 pm -  Dinner for the minis is servied.  B eats everything x2; L eats almost nothing which is odd {FORESHADOWING}.  B drops another diaper load and I take that as my cue to start bath time {I leave my phone downstairs per usual = I forget to take any photos of bedtime}. After playing in the bath for a bit, the kids climb out; diaper / PullUp, lotion, and PJs {L picks out jammies for all!}.  We read Roadwork and Owl Babies in B's room all together.  Then L heads to her room to read while I put B down.  B and I go downstairs because I forgot to make his bottle before bath; I text with K about carpooling to our "girls' night" {ugggg, hate that term, but I suppose it's easily descriptive}, then we head back upstairs.  I feed B his milk and sing {Tupelo Honey, Crazy Love, You Are My Sunshine}.  He gives me a ginormous hug before I set him down in his crib and say goodnight.  

7:15 pm - E came home while I was putting B to bed, and he and L are already 2 books in {they read the Bernstein Bears' Big Move, the Bitty Baby Book, and something else I missed}.  E says L feels hot, and I locate the thermometer.  Her forehead reads 99.5 so I hope she's not coming down with something {SPOILER: SUMMER COLD AHOY}. I go back downstairs to get her a big glass of ice water.  She does seem a bit lethargic and definitely seems exhausted. We sing a few songs and she says she ready to say goodnight {weird, she never says that}.  Lots of goodnight kisses and good juju for a healthy tomorrow {NOPE}.  

7:35 pm - I change and slap on some makeup.  Notice the bathroom lights won't come on...Grrrrrr.  Check the fuse box and it appears Dad and I failed to flip one switch back.  Quick fix!  Chitchat with E for a nanosecond before K picks me up at 7:50.  We head to meet C at The Grove.  Sauv Blanc flights, cheese plates, and happy chatter ensues!  

10:36 pm - Home again, home again... Trash day is tomorrow, and I'm the taker-outter; E is the bringer-inner on Wednesdays.  I lug our big can and two recycle bins out to the curb... why is our damn driveway so long?  I miss our Dallas alley LIKE WOAH. I chat with E who is working on the couch in the living room.  Change into PJs and do the whole nighttime toiletry thing. Return a text from my mom.  Create photo collages for this post, and get my Instacart Cart ready to order tomorrow morning. Read about half a chapter of China Rich Girlfriend and pass out around 11:15 pm. 

{TA DA!} 


  1. I feel like your kiddos have aged like two years overnight! I can't believe L is 3.5 years old! They seem like such little people in this post. And I'm having major Austin envy.

  2. Many comments - the theme of which is jealousy. Sav blanc flights! Sleeping children! Grocery delivery! Gimme, gimme, gimme. Why oh why won't my children sleep? Blaire is 8:30pm-6am ish and NEVER naps. Nash is up all night long. I AM SO TIRED. And my grocery store sure as crap isn't delivering any groceries. Pushing a cart - first world problems, for sure. :)

    Ask L to share some flower girl enthusiasm with Blaire, please. My SIL is also getting married and Blaire is pretty unsure about this flower girl business. Hope you find those yellow shams!

    1. I am DREADING the day L gives up naps for good! She skips them quite a bit now, but is actually okay about "resting" in her room... Will Blaire do "quiet time?" I've thought about getting one of those Tot Clocks for L; a sort of "I don't care what you do but stay in your room until this thing turns yellow so mama doesn't need a psychiatric vacation" thing ;)

      NASH! SLEEP! It's the best!

      Instacart is kind of amazing...but I only do it if I am totally desperate or have wracked up enough points for free delivery, because convenience doesn't come cheap, unfortunately. Woe is me and my FWPs!

      We've been talking up the flower girl gig for 6 months and she's FINALLY into it! I think it was showing her the dress and telling her she can have candy after she walks down the aisle -- bribes a-plenty! She is still adamant that she will not (a) wear a flower crown or (b) curl her we'll see how it all plays out!

  3. On the whole, HEB has 95% of everything I want and I only need a 'natural' store for a couple of things - I can't find good ingredient bread or tortillas at HEB, and I'm obsessed with 1 particular spaghetti sauce at Natural Grocer. So I make sure and buy several packages of my healthy carbs {oxymoron?} and sauce when I'm there so I can hit up HEB as my weekly stop. Also - question - do you think the mirror on the car seats help with general rear-facing dissatisfaction? My daughter is 2.5 and my plan was to flip her at 3 but she gets mad A LOT when it's time to get into her seat {mainly because 6 year old big brother is facing forward} and I wonder if a mirror would help with that...On one hand I think we're just trying to make it another 5 months but on the other hand she weighs 23 pounds at 2.5 so I wouldn't mind keeping her rear-facing longer...

    1. Have you tried HEB's raw tortillas? They are my absolute favorite! I used to have my mom bring them to me in Dallas! They are in the refrigerated section near the biscuits and they are super easy to freeze. You just heat them in a pan for about 10 seconds per side and it's like freshly made tortillas whenever you want!

      I'm not really sure if the mirror helps or not (they've both had them since they were born so I don't have any comparison!), but L is able to see a lot in maybe??

  4. Apply for that job! What's the worst that can happen? You don't get it, but you're on their radar for when the time is right. Go for it!

  5. I hear you on the dreaded car nap. I was wondering how you were going to transport B home after the museum while keeping him awake! Helps to have someone back there singing loudly in their face!
    Is B drinking whole milk now? Warm or cold? We're still working on the whole milk thing over here (my Bea is the same age as yours).
    Also super jealous of all the sleep. Bea usually isn't down until 8:30 pm and she STILL wakes up at least once nightly. No fun girls nights for me anytime soon! 😢 I should probably stop nursing her to sleep..

    1. Yep, he drinks whole cows milk and I just give it to him cold! I nursed until 13 months but at 11 months, he stopped falling asleep while nursing before bedtime and, oddly enough, that's when he started sleeping through the night reliably. I loved nursing to sleep, though -- nothing better than a cuddly sleepy baby!

  6. You are not the only idiot parent on Earth who got her one year old addicted to bottles after weaning...I did the same thing. 2 bottles a day, one pre-nap, one pre-bedtime. I hate it, but I love it. When do we have to stop it?

    1. I don't know...I'm not really planning on it a anytime soon!!

  7. Yay for Pretty Little Liars!! I am unashamedly addicted. I have so many thoughts about this show....but, I won't say anything, in fear of spoiling things ;)

  8. One more (unrelated) question: how do you stay on top of your CLE? I'd be interested in hearing about this...not sure if you'd have enough for a post (might be as simple as a comment) but I am sure there are others out there that may be interested also! TIA!

    1. Oh dear. My answer is not at all inspirational... If I happen to have child care and I see a CLE that sounds interesting and is free, I'll do the lunch sessions at the Bar Association (well, this is what I did in Dallas... I don't even know where the Austin Bar meets). But those are few and far between. For the rest, I'll wait until I get one of those scary notices in the mail that says I better get my rear in gear or owe a bunch of fines, and then I buy the hours I have left from a "bundle-and-save" website and knock em all out in the lamest binge-watching session known to man.

    2. Ha, thank you. I need to figure out how to do this in CA. Thankfully I just had my compliance deadline right before reaving the firm, so I think I have until 2017 or something.

    3. Yeah, I REALLY miss those employer-funded 2-3 conferences that counted as CLE and covered you for like 3 years!

  9. Don't know what I would do without all of your recommendations! Had no clue about instacart but that could definitely come in handy at times!!

    We had a mini vacay in Austin for the 4th (my brother lives there) and we went to the Grove.... LOVED it!!!! My husband still talks about it. We were obsessed with the crispy Brussel sprouts and kale watermelon salad!

    Great post! Jealous about your parents being so close!! And also, I feel like you are wayyy more efficient at getting things done than I am. It seems I get going on a task and get interrupted by one of the kiddos needing something all the time, every time! Grrrr!!

    1. Instacart is amazing! I know it's not everywhere yet (I couldn't get it in Dallas) but it seems to be expanding rapidly -- it's a pretty genius idea. And The Grove...we are there a ton! Love that it's casual enough for kids early in the evening or for lunch but feels festive for a fun night out, too!

      If I need to, I can get a lot done with little interruption if just L is awake, and they both give me a break by napping/resting (L doesn't always sleep) at the same time. B is the one who is constantly trying to maim himself!

    2. Yep! We were at The Grove early with both kiddos on the amazing patio and let our baby sit on the floor and pull up on the fence and play around. While I don't think it bothered anyone, I was glad we weren't in Dallas where we might know someone!! Haha

      And this DitL definitely gives me more hope... My oldest daughter just turned 3 and baby girl is almost 10 months. As her mobility increases, she needs me less and big sis isn't the best independent player so I really look forward to the day they play together more!!

  10. Totally nosy question but curious about your vehicle and car seats - can you share? we are about to need 3 rear facing seats and are having a very hard time finding a non mini van combo that fits.

    And the grove always cracks me up because my (very very proper) mother told me that she heard from some of her tennis friends that it was a place for swingers! Ha!

    1. I drive a Volvo XC90 (2012); L is in a Britax Marathon and B is in a Chicco Nextfit Zip. I am almost positive another car seat would NOT fit in the middle b/c there is a pop up booster for older kids built into the bench seat. However! There is an optional third row (that we keep folded down), but I'm not sure how convenient that would be?? Have you looked at an SUV with captains chairs + a third row? One of my best friends has the GMC Acadia and loves it! Or maybe the Car Seat Lady's site might have some other suggestions!

      I am chuckling over the Grove being a swingers hangout! Who knows what arrangements are made over bruschetta...

    2. Thank you! Totally covet the Volvo! We have LR3 which is wide enough for 3 but we are tall so need the legroom in front...

  11. Love this post and LOVE having you and the fam living in Austin--and so close to us. I feel incredibly lucky every single day!!

  12. Yay, you did it! And obviously I'm reading it super late but hey! I'm here;)

    Um, you stay up really freaking late at night! Love it, I could totally get into the routine of staying up late to 'do stuff' (i.e. read, internetting, etc). Maybe I shall try to stay up past 10:30 tonight.

    Did I miss a house tour? It's possible.

    And also, your kids are suddenly giants. Woah.


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