Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Day in the Life: October 13, 2015

Oh goody, DitL!  An easy, if somewhat tedious, excuse to post!  Unfortunately, I didn't get my act together to join in with Julia & Co. in the Fall Round-up.  Additionally, the day I chose to record does not represent my very best self or parenting efforts, that's for sure. But! Since late is better than never, and {hopefully} the truth is better than some gussied up version, I'm pressing Publish. 

{And if you're a virtual voyeur like myself, be sure and check out 29 other lovely ladies' days over on My Life in Transition!} 

Fall 2015: Tuesday, October 13

Kate is 32
E is 33
L is 3.5
B is 18 months 

6:50 am - I wake up a little apprehensive about the fact no one has woken me up yet to poop... maybe E got early morning poop-duty?  I check my email, IG, Facebook.  I notice all of a sudden L is sitting up and whining on the monitor.  Without going into great detail: POOP DRAMZ.  Deal with that downstairs and then argue with my darling daughter about wearing leggings under her dress.  You know those things you know are completely ridiculous hills to die on but annoy the pants off you nonetheless?  My kids can go out in public in whatever crazy combination of patterns and colors they choose, but it utterly toasts my cookies when L insists on wearing cold weather items when the high is 97 degrees.  Then I'm forced to choose between an epic "mommy you're so mean, I'm sooooo coooold" meltdown at the onset or the inevitable natural overheating consequences resulting in incessant "mommy I'm soooooo hooooot" whining.  I choose the latter hard place as opposed to the former rock.  E comes downstairs as I'm throwing together breakfast for the kids {zucchini pumpkin bread we made yesterday and raspberries} and starts joking with L about eating all her bread.  She does not take kindly to his jest. There is some parental cuddling on the couch while L scarfs down her breakfast, and Boom does not like this as people touching for an extended period of time makes her anxious.  What a weirdo.  

7:45 - We hear B and E goes to grab him. Poop Dramz Numero Dos in B's room.  E changes his diaper, and I take down the trashed sheets.  L wants to do "face stickers."  As she's creating, she tells us "God made each of us different, and now I make these ladies different!"  Well, that's pretty stinkin' cute {toddler savior-complex aside}. I head up to shower.  Halfway through, L comes upstairs to tell me "Daddy's being mean" which apparently means E asked her to say "please" when asking for something.  Such a tyrant!  I get dressed, slap on some makeup, and pack up the dry cleaning to take in.  I also decide I should do DitL today... obsessive photo taking to commence post haste! 

8:20 - E showers while the kiddos play in the playroom and I brew some of my newly discovered Independence Coffee pods {local! completely recyclable! fresher than your average k-cup!} {totally unsponsored!}.  L is playing Birthday Party and is mad because B is holding Elmo's "present" {"I'm never going to hold it ever again!  I'm just gonna sit right here and lay down!"}.  Conflict easily resolved as B wants L "off! off! off!" the window seat so he can tear the cushion down, and he drops the beloved box. 

E is back downstairs.  I realize I need to take the trash and recycling out to the curb.  Curse the tiny recycle bin and make 3 trips to and 'fro.  I give the compost bin a half-hearted tilling and head back inside for more coffee. 

8:45 - It's time to say goodbye to E.  L is randomly talking about "Elmo's daddy in California... that's another state!  I hope there are children there!" B is super pissed I won't let him have a fruit leather so we go outside to wave bye bye as a distraction.  The Boom escapes as I'm trying to photograph her {dumb human}.  After I wrangle the terrierist, we do loads of waving and then patting of the pumpkins.  

We head back inside to play before its time to head to the library.  I text with my mom about the quirks of my dad's car {which I've borrowed for the day as mine is at the dealership for service} and notice emails from each of the kidlets' nursery schools.  The little theme entries on L's class' Shutterfly Share Site tickle me to no end - so earnest! 

I pay our utilities bill over the phone as the city's website blows and keeps giving me an error message.  I have to start over twice, because following the most simplistic of instructions dictated by a robot is apparently quite taxing.  There is a diaper change in the middle of the process.  I see another email from L's school informing me tomorrow will be the "Blessing of the Animals" in case I want to bring Boom up to be prayed over.  HAHAHAHA, SORRY BOOM, NOPE.  {I should note, we watched other, more normal pets be blessed Wednesday morning and it was, in a word, adorable} L is now playing school, and B is running around with an old, dried up magic marker "drawing" on things.  This is probably an ill-advised precedent to set. 

9:30 - I make my breakfast {hardboiled eggs} and split a banana for the kids, since B is throwing another shitfit over fruit leather again.  L is not impressed with the amount of strings on said banana.  I get B dressed and usher everyone into the front yard so I can install B's car seat in my dad's car. This proves more difficult than normal; there is sweating and possibly some swearing. 

10:05 - We're all secured in the car and off to the library {the same one I frequented as a child!} for story hour.  L put last week's books into the book drop and we hit up the restroom.  B pinches his fingers in the stall door, and L throws a little fit over the automatic toilets {this is a constant source of anxiety for her, even though we are pretty careful about covering the sensor}. We wash up and head to the children's section.  I love the newly renovated library as the kids' books are cordoned off so the munchkins aren't tempted to run amok through the rest of the library.  L and B play with the humongous building blocks and puzzles while I peruse the Halloween books.  We snag 3 of those {Here They Come, The Witch Who Lives Down the Hall, and Leonardo the Terrible Monster}; as well as two new Fancy Nancys {Explorer Extraordinaire and Aspiring Artist}; Sakes Alive: A Cattle Drive; Hogwash; and Petunia Beware. 

At 10:30, we all sit down for the Welcome Song and three spooky themed books.  Tuesday Story Hour is aimed at preschool aged kids so the books are a little above B's pay grade.  He usually wanders off during the books to play with the toys and circles back for the songs. 

11:00 - Today's craft is decorating a haunted house.  Anything with foam stickers is always a WIN for us, and this particular project turned out so cute!  I am in charge of B's Halloween party at school {ask me how absolutely ridiculous I think a full on party for 18 month olds is... Seriously. Ask me.} and apparently I am expected to lead a craft; methinks I'll be stealing this idea... thanks, Miss Christy!  Friends we've recently made arrive in time for the craft, and we hang out for a good while with them -- building a balance beam, playing with the magnet puzzles, and running around outside. 

Noon - We somehow get locked outside and have to wait a while for someone to notice us tapping frantically on the windows.  Thankfully, it's a beautiful day, albeit entirely too hot for October... and entirely too damn hot for L's leggings, which she is now begging to take off.  I return a call to the nail salon for my SIL's wedding and to the Volvo service department while the kids swing with S and we wait to be rescued.  By 12:20, we have our new books checked out and are all loaded up in the car for a quick swing through the dry cleaners before heading home {recycling truck!} for a quick lunch at home {leftover tortellini and raspberries}. 

12:50 - I hustle the kids upstairs for nap/rest time.  I have "drama over the sheets" written in my iNotes but I haven't a clue what that refers to!  L gets settled in her bed while I give B his bottle and sing him a few songs {Rockin' Robin; To Make You Feel My Love; The Book of Love}.  After I put him in his crib and kiss him goodnight, L and I read one of her library books {Fancy Nancy, natch}.  I pile up the rest of her selections and leave her to read {although I'm hoping for a snooze!}. 

1:20 - I make out bed, collect our water glasses from upstairs {7 in total... if those aliens from Signs ever land in Austin, we are totally covered in the ammo department}, and head back to the kitchen.  I clean up lunch while listening to Mom & Dad are Fighting and then steal myself for a battle with The Current Laundry Situation {dire}. I make a few photo collages and upload them to Blogger.  I decide to do a little ellipticizing in the converted garage and turn on Quanitco.  We cut cable completely when we moved, so I really only keep up with a handful of shows on Hulu Plus.  I thought I'd give this one a shot after a friend mentioned it to me, but I don't think I'll stick with it; I'd rather feed my podcast addiction and multitask! I do not last long on the elliptical as I remember I have a neighborhood moms' group meeting tonight, and I'm not keen on fitting in another shower.  I notice L seems to have actually fallen asleep today - wahoo!  Bust out my computer and retool my resume a bit.  I was hoping to apply for some "real" jobs this Fall, but it's not going to work out as I hoped and I'm bummed about this. Long-story-short, with the kids already at two different schools, childcare would have to  be further cobbled together with my mom and also another nanny / babysitter, and I just know that would drive us all insane {and, fair or not, I'd be the parent coordinating it all}. Plus, I'm not really willing to throw another huge change at my offspring when they're still adapting to a new environment. I know this is the best decision for my family right now {and not at all in the "a SAH parent is better for small kids than 2 working parents" sense; 100% in a "4 different caregivers on different days and at different times would make everyone Def Con 1 Cranky" sense}, but it makes me a little woe-is-me-ish, which then makes me feel like a total princessy asshole for crapping all over a privilege a lot of parents would kill for.  

/end tangent...anyhoo, the Resumé rehash is in preparation of picking up some at-home contract hours which will hopefully make me feel less crazypants. I figure the toenail of a pinky toe in the door is better than zero portion of the foot at all, at this point. I eat the last of the pumpkin bread. It doesn't last long around here, and I expect a certain preschooler will not be pleased when she realizes it's not a post-nap snack option. Sorry, sister. 

3:50 - B is awake and it's another poop-splosion. This is the 4th time in 24 hours I've changed his sheets. He hasn't had a fever, but I'm guessing he picked up some sort of mild GI bug. Hashtag First Year of School Probs.  I call my mom back while I feed B a snack. At 4:20, L still hasn't emerged which is super odd. I check in on her and she's awake but reading and is NOT ready to come downstairs yet {"I'M NOT READY TO WAKE UP YET!}. B plays in my bathroom while I put on some real clothes. L comes in and is pissed off at life in general. I bribe her with Curious George Halloween and fruit snacks. B is entertained by George for about 3 minutes before he is trying to head back upstairs. I end up hauling the piles of clean laundry upstairs so he can play where he wants {re: destroy L's room and try on all her shoes}. This ends up taking the better part of 45 minutes as I get sidetracked cleaning out closets of clothes that no longer fit. B is wearing one each of L's rain and cowboy boots. George is over and we head downstairs. L is verrrrrrrry whiny and distressed about a a scab on her leg.  Being in my own head so much during nap time has me in kind of a funk and my tolerance level for whining is a lot lower than normal at the moment. 

6:00 - leftover soup {White Bean Soup with Rosemary Oil and Pasta, to be exact} is for dinner, and it's not nearly as popular with the kids as I'd hoped. I open up my last Shiner Ruby Redbird and half of it sprays all over me. Boo. 

6:20 - L is done with supper and starts jumping on our couches {this is allowed because I live in Animal House}. B is a mess so I strip him down and let him jump as well. Ask L to come back in the kitchen to help clean her plate up, which she does with thankfully minimal fussing. We return back to the jumping. L starts telling me that someone in her class sings "tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow" and I think she means the theme from Annie so I start belting it out. This is apparently not the case and my show tunes are not appreciated. Jeesh.  I am ordered to "cheer for me, mommy!" We are told this a lot, and I'm not quite sure how to handle it... Should we really be cheering for something as dumb as disrespecting living room furniture? Should we really be cheering because we're being told to do so? Are we raising entitled brats? Am I overthinking this? {Yes.} I ask L not to jump directly over her brother's head and she retorts "I can't hurt him because I have POWERS." Mmmmmkay. B plays with the boots some more.

6:45 - we head upstairs for bath. My notes stop at this point, but I know an epic bout of whining and not listening completely set me off right as E got home. I hate yelling at my kids, and I especially hate it when it feels good, because then I know it's much more about me than them. I let E takeover bedtime while I change my beer-splattered dress. I return to give B his bottle and kiss L goodnight, but I admit to acting pretty cold at bedtime. This is such a dick parenting move, and not one I stoop to often so I feel pretty rotten about it. 

7:30 - I head up the road to my monthly neighborhood moms' function. There is a guest speaker, and the topic is remodeling / renovation in our neighborhood {which is actually super helpful / interesting to me as we are hoping to build a garage and all the permits and procedures will change Dec 15}. Most importantly, there is wine and snacks. This is my first time attending an official function as the group takes a pause in the summer months and we were in WY during the September meeting. I end up having a lot of fun! 

10:00 - back home. I chat with E on the couch and end up in tears over my interactions with the kids {I keep saying "the kids;" it was all totally me butting heads with my sweet girl} and over my work-home balance funk. I head upstairs in a little bit of a huff and get ready for bed. E comes up and we talk some more  and I feel better. I sneak into L's room and give her a big kiss and just stare at her like a ginormous creep for a bit and feel all the feels. I crawl into bed and read some of Mindy Kaling's new memoir before passing out around 11.



  1. Ugh I feel ya on the post-bedtime parenting remorse. It happens so often to me, and almost always with Annie... once in awhile with Charlie, but I'm pretty patient for some reason with Luke. Annie and I are .... the same person, separated by 28 years, so we have our issues. I'm sure this will get far far worse before it gets better, but she is VERY TRYING, despite in general being a great kid, very helpful with her little bros, etc etc etc. But yeah, so many heads are butted with her. I just read some stupid quote about parenting that was something along the lines of "When you love them the least, that's when they need the most love" which I'm sure is true but doesn't make it any easier.

    Oh and I'm only on 12 weeks of not working (really more like 15 because of being hospitalized when I was pregnant) and I'm officially going looney tunes. 2 more weeks until I get to use my brain again and I can't wait. I know a few people who are in the same situation as you, who enjoy working but can't make it work with childcare without it being an enormous pain in the ass - some of them do contract work like you, or work as adjunct professors at community colleges, or volunteer at nonprofits just to have some outlet. Hope you are able to get some contract work!

  2. My favorite picture by far is B WAILING in the background of your Shiner snap.

    My favorite sentence is this:
    "and I especially hate it when it feels good, because then I know it's much more about me than them."


    Regarding the funk? You are doing a great job and everything will be fine. Just say that in the mirror a bit :)

  3. I know ALL about the guilt from mom meltdowns when it's more about me - after 3 years of battles we found out our son had a gene mutation that was the culprit for his aggressive behavior/insane fits and it kills me even more that I now know he truly couldn't help himself. And I also feel you on the working mom/SAHM internal battle. I work and my sister stays home, so I know how hard both are and I honestly think working is easier (hello, I'm commenting on your blog at 9:09 AM while 'working') and then I feel like a butt munch for not feeling guiltier that I can't be home with them... Loved reading this - glad you published with all the honesty!

  4. "L is not impressed with the amount of strings on said banana." Motherhood, innit. If your worst behavior is getting a little cold at bedtime, and some yelling here and there, I bow to you. One time when my daughter wouldn't nap I left her playing in her room, went to the kitchen, and threw all the lids of all the pans on the floor. Dents 'R Us. Everyone's been there, which of course you know already, but thanks for letting old people like me chime in.

    And, as for the work bit, it is 100% possible to go from contract work when 2nd child is a toddler to full on executive lady status when that child hits 3rd or 4th grade. If you want to, that is, since executive lady status is full of the equivalent to Poop Dramz only with grownups.

  5. Love this one- the honesty is very refreshing to those of us in the trenches. The whole back and forth on if you should cheer for L (and subsequent wondering if you are raising an entitled brat) is one of those things I find myself doing often. Nice to know I'm not the only one.

  6. Thank you so much for posting such a real and true day in the life. I sometimes feel like I am the only one who sometimes runs low on patience at the end of the day resulting in yelling and then beating myself up about it. Have a great one!

  7. I appreciate your honesty as it completely validated my feelings. I wonder if I am raising a self-indulgent slob asshole as my three year old cumbles up pumpkin muffins all over the couch while asking "You want me to make crumbs?"...and all I am doing is smiling and thinking does he do this at school and really feeling grateful he is occupied so I can nurse the 6 week old without feeling like I am totally ignoring him. I spend so much time worrying I am creating the next generation of entitled assholes. Which makes me seem even crazier to admit these thoughts come from things I do or give until just because it is more for me to stop hearing the whining. I do find myself being a big creeper after they go to bed and staring at them feeling bad that I sometimes do things like let him crumble up muffins on the furniture or use too much toilet paper (although I laugh everytime when he asks me "you like big ones?") because it is simply easier.
    Thank you again for the ditl honesty.

  8. So, how absolutely ridiculous do you think a full on party for 18 month olds is? :)

    1. I think it is positively, completely 100% absolutely ridiculous!

  9. Yay, love it. I think the less than ideal days are the PERFECT ones to capture for all eternity on the internets because, #reallife.

    Stringy bananas, poop explosions, snacks and wine, discussions on working outside of home versus staying at home, guilt over yelling. What is not to like?!?! Obviously, quite relatable over here. Although I feel my yelling does not pack the guilty punch like it used to. I blame the third child addition for my higher tolerance of yelling, or perhaps older children that bring along added frustrations (And wonderful qualities, sure!!).

    Anyway, glad you participated;)

  10. I always appreciate reading these posts....makes me feel like I'm in good company. The quandary that is working (whether it be from home or an office) is one I had to face when my husband decided to go back to school and our son was 10 months old. I got an editing gig from home, and now work to support us. That was three years ago. The husband will finish this year, and is looking for work from home as well. Living out in the middle of nowhere means that an office job involves an hour+ commute each day, each way. So home it is.....and did I mention I'm homeschooling our son. Schools aren't in high demand in our area, so for now, this is the way the cards fall. We do all sorts of get-togethers to make sure the social aspect is fulfilled, but I dwell daily on the am-I-completely-screwing-this-whole-parenting-thing-up-completely? And then I realize he is one of the happiest kids I know, and way more adjusted than I ever was/am. All this to say, your're doing much better than you give yourself credit for. Like my grandfather used to say, "If you keep your kids from being serial killers, than you're doing just fine!", maybe not the best advice, but it always makes me laugh!

  11. I had to crack up at your Signs reference because I always have that thought as I am collecting the dozens of water glasses I invariably leave around the house. Glad I am not the only one!


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