Tuesday, October 27, 2015

You Got a Rock, Charlie Brown!

Firstly, thank y'all mucho for your kind comments and emails in response to my whiny work {or lack thereof} woes.  I won't go so far as to say "misery loves company," but I do dig the commiseration!  And another big gracias for all the master bedroom design suggestions.  There's not really another wall option for the bed, although popping it into the corner could work.  I'll let y'all know where everything ends up landing... Wait with baited breath! 

We paddled through quite the gullywasher this past weekend but managed to come out pretty pleased with ourselves.  L's school took Friday off for a statewide conference, so Sister and I made some Apple Pie Bites while Brady Back Ribs ran amok at his MDO.  She called them Apple Mummies, because her class made pumpkin mummies {"WITH TOILET PAPER!!! ::all the 3 year old LOLs::"}  {except it was gauze} and now mummies are the tops, apparently.  We gathered some loose recipe inspiration from The Chew {which could be the title of the photo below - yikes!}, but our version involved a tube of crescent rolls, brown sugar, and pumpkin pie spice + cinnamon. Highly recommend for a super kid-friendly baking endeavor. 

When B's proverbial school bell rang, we blasted up to Waco during a break in the storms. It was not the homecoming weekend we'd been looking forward to, but the kiddos took the parade cancellation news in stride. We moved our Saturday morning tailgating plans to Friday night {warm and dry in Mama J's den}, and it was fun catching up with Z & L as our offspring danced in the deluge. 

The meatloaves and I chose my old toys from the early 80s over football, although we did shout out Hook 'em, Horns and Sic 'em, Bears at the television with great gusto!

Sunday was cool enjoy for vests! Wahoo!

Our neighborhood parents' group organizes playgroups by kindergarten year, which I initially thought was a tad rigid {can't we just all go to the park?}, but it really works out nicely {and is much more casual in practice than it played out in my head}. Siblings are always welcome and there seems to be lots of families with both '17 and '19 kids, so L & B are covered as far as playmates go at every gathering. ANYHOODLE, one of L's new little buddies hosted the annual Charlie Brown PJ Pizza Party last night, and it was adorable! 

Costco pizza {that is some damn good pizza}, fruit and veggie trays, paper pumpkins to color, and other people's toys made happy campers out of the small fries. 

And they were all pretty stinkin' precious with their popcorn bags, all lined up to watch The Great Pumpkin! B probably ate 4 bags of popcorn, and is dragging another one out of my handbag as I type. Breakfast of champions! 

Such a fun tradition!  Halloween {never one of my favorite holidays} is shaping up to be a total blast this year.  

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