Official MumboJumbo

In an effort to be 110% transparent, here's my own personal credo when it comes to affiliate links and sponsored posts...

- The only affiliate links I use within the body of regular posts are to products I've both purchased {with my own dinero} on Amazon and enjoyed.  I vow to never mention something I'm "meh" about {I'm looking at you, Veggetti} via affiliate link.  And if it can be found on Amazon but I bought it elsewhere, I'll direct you to that merchant instead {a good example would be B Toys -- love 'em like crazy for the kiddos / available, yet-marked-up-to-high-heaven on Amazon / I buy 'em at Target and my linkage will suggest you do the same!}. 

- Even though you can be pretty sure any Amazon link on my site is affiliate, I try my best to make a note of it in the body of the post, as a reminder. 

- The money I make off your Amazon purchases after you've clicked on one of my links is pretty minimal -- beer money, if you will {and most months it's like PBR-Style beer money}.  But, if you'd rather not fund my recreational habits, clear your cookies or do a Google search or ignore the links however you see fit!  

- Non-Amazon links are not affiliate, plain and simple.  I don't work with any other affiliate merchants aside from the ones featured in my ad space. 

- Sponsored posts are few and far between, but they are always denoted as such.  I don't like writing sponsored posts about products I'm not super excited about, so when I accept freebies, the products are always something I hope readers will be jazzed about as well.  If I receive an item for review, and it's not all it's cracked up to be, I'll tell it to you straight. 

I think that's about it.  As always, I'm open to any questions readers may have on monetizing this space!  Merchants inquiring about sponsorship or advertising opportunities may contact me via the black email button on the top left column.