Tuesday, April 29, 2008

'sup homefries

a bit about me...

i like to describe myself as a bit of a conundrum...
  • a wannabe smelly-hippie from Austin married to a small-town boy from the Deep South;
  • an artistic soul with a corporate career;
  • a stubborn arse with a soft, silly side;
... with a penchant for...
  • ruffles and horror movies;
  • Veuve Clicquot and Miller Lite;
  • old houses and modern furniture;
  • worn-in jeans and Christian Louboutins.

i also like to make lists! here's another one, entitled "things i dig":
  • long walks with Evs and the Boom, in which we lust over houses we can't afford.
  • wine. lots and lots of wine. and champagne. lots of that, too.
  • planning extremely intricate travel itineraries for trips abroad (oh, and actually doing the traveling part as well - i like that too)
  • movie theaters that serve "fun beverages" (see above)
  • stinky cheese
  • really pretty shoes
  • the smell of tennis balls and foam (not together... necessarily)
  • iced latte lites from Dunkin' Doughnuts
  • cuff bracelets and large cocktail rings (and large cocktails)
  • vampires, but only the tarty, smutty kind
what you'll find on elefantitas alegres (blog name explanation here and here, btw - and no, it has nothing to do with my political beliefs, really, i swear)...

... a little something for everyone who loves the finer things in life but doesn't take themselves too seriously:
and if you just can't seem to get enough of me here, check me out...
there. that should just about do it!

oh! almost forgot - as i relish any and every opportunity to flex my creative muscles (and my wow-i-so-love-giving-people-advice-it-makes-me-feel-like-such-a-smartie-pants muscles), feel free to contact me for all your burning fashion / wedding / home decor queries (unless you are Jennifer Jason Leigh to my Bridget Fonda in my own private version of Single White Female... then, maybe let's just back the hell off, sweetheart).

anyhoo, welcome to EA: mi casa, es su casa!


  1. this just made my day. I needed something to brighten my day & this did it. Remarkable writing, my friend.

  2. Captures your fun-ness and hilarious-ness perfectly!

  3. Absolutely perfect. Your wit and amazing writing continue to get me every time. Keep it coming :)

  4. your blog is fabulous! I just started reading! its great!

  5. I stumbled upon your blog somehow and have really enjoyed reading it. Keep up your faboulus!

  6. i love it when i can find a blog who's writer seems to be saying the things that are in my head! i'll definitely be checking you out...but not in the creepy stalker way! :0)


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