Friday, October 3, 2008

101 things...

(So, I'm annoyed with how my list of 101 Goals looks on my sidebar, so I'm just going to write the damn thing here.)

1. African Safari
2. CA wine country
3. Oregon / WA State
4. take Evs to WFU in the fall
5. Australia / NZ
6. Tuscany/Florence
7. take Evs to Sevilla
8. Plan a Couples' Trip
9. Plan a yearly WFU girls' trip
10. take Evs to NYC

11. pay off credit card debt (bonus: before the wedding)
12. pay off entire balance every month (after #11)
13. pay mom back for dental work
14. pick 2 charities for yearly tax deduction
15. consolidate finances

16. get a full physical
17. find a yoga/pilates class and go 2x weekly
18. try a Core Fusion class
19. fluctuate no more than 5 lbs each way
20. tone up
21. learn to enjoy jogging
22. run a 5k
23. find new docs & dentists in Dallas
24. try acupuncture
25. daily vitamins

26. scuba certification
27. make photo book for Thailand
28. make photo book of e-pics
29. make photo books yearly, instead of photo albums
30. upload all CDs onto iTunes
31. learn to cook enchiladas and tres leches cake
32. clean car weekly
33. learn to play golf
34. re-learn to play tennis
35. stop split ends
36. send a secret to PostSecret
37. replace old VHS movies w/ DVDs

38. go ice skating
39. counting crows concert
40. take dance lessons
41. walk every day
42. make a 5 year plan
43. cut down our own christmas tree
44. host a semi-major holiday
45. purchase a home
46. get rid of Evs' cargo shorts
47. find a church in Dallas
48. try new restaurants 1x a month
49. take a real wine-tasting class
50. see a movie in the theater 1x month
51. host a real dinner party
52. attend local events

53. call grandparents weekly
54. recipe book of MJ's recipes
55. transfer old family movies to DVDs

56. dust boxes for good shoes
57. find new place to consign
58. container store closet makeover
59. organize jewelry into something visible
60. find new facial routine
61. replace old makeup
62. daily spf moisturizer
63. whiten teeth

64. create a fun office space
65. make my secretary like me
66. actually try a case in my first 3 years
67. determine monthly amt. for 401k
68. read my investment books from dad
69. re-evaluate career path by Sept. 15, 2010
70. pro-bono hours

71. make a will
72. transfer my voter's reg. card to Dallas co.

the boom
73. buy chew-proof doggie bed
74. petsmart training classes
75. doggie dates
76. adopt a puppy brother or sister

77. recycle
78. switch all bills to online pay
79. switch out lightbulbs
80. reuseable shopping totes
81. purchase more fuel efficient car

20 more goals to go!


  1. can i adopt 80 of your 81 things? (i don't have a problem with split ends)

    and what happened with your wedding blog? i wrote on strutters and then thought i would check the wedding blog but i can't find it. what gives?

  2. This is awesome. I'm a big believer in both listmaking and putting out your intentions to the universe to help achieve them. I'm gonna hunker down and do the same thing this weekend! Thanks, and good luck!


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