Sunday, October 5, 2008

f* you, j crew

why so pretty? why so expensive? i remember when you were all cable-knit sweaters and chinos and $49.95. now you are oh-so-chic and oh-so-bad for my bank account. don't you know we are in a recession? don't you know i'm supposed to be saving for a house? (could I wear you to one of the 2 firm Christmas parties I have? YES! have I said that about 2 other dresses that I've already purchased? um, yeah)
(i can totally wear taffeta to work, right? RIGHT???)
(i own you in the cheetah print. you are so comfortable.
i would wear you everyday... if cheetah were appropriate everday
...or if i were my future mother in law)(mmmm chunky 70s kick-back fabulousness)
(you're just cute. i need a trip to London to go with you)(i actually will be purchasing you. perfection... in Thursday-work-outfit-form)(i do love me a tassel) (quandry of the day: can i pull off the sweater-vest + belt look?)

screw it. you and i shall single-handedly stimulate the economy.


  1. I am presently having the exact same love/hate relationship with J. Crew.

  2. we should have a J. Crew help group. We could call it "How to Just Say No to J. Crew" ...or... "A Group for the Specific Purpose of Thinking Up Good Excuses on Why We Had To Buy It." You know, either one really :)

  3. ...only cuz i can't be there in person!
    buy the red shoes - red goes with everything, EVERYTHING! totally justified.

    yes you can wear taffeta to work - put it with a white button up and a wide belt and you're screaming legal eagle!

    sweater vest and belt....i fear j.crew has possibly entered into Gap territory here with the "overlayered" look. This looks amazing on Skinny Minnie...but on any of us normal sized peeps, we're gonna look like we're prepping for a snowstorm. (exception - if its a super thin vest, but that pic doesnt look like it)


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