Thursday, October 9, 2008

from mother, with love

do ya'll read Postcards from Yo Momma? if the answer is no, you've been missing out, my friends! this site makes me chuckle daily, and you can betcha that i'm just waiting for The Monitor to slip up so i can post a sampling of her correspondence (love you, mom!).

here's one of my all-time-favs... classic "Mother Convo":

First You Pierce Your Nose, Then You Have Illegitimate Children

Me: I’m piercing my nose

Mom: Fine, I’m not raising your illegitimate children.

Me: What?

Mom: You’ll pierce your nose, get a trashy boyfriend and end up with illegitimate children. You and your trashy boyfriend are not living in my house, and neither are your kids.

Me: Wow mom, thanks for the credit. Clearly that’s the natural progression after piercing your nose.


  1. love these, that site along with stuff white people like, are my guilty pleasures :)

    love your new header :)

  2. I love Stuff White People Like! Thanks for reminding me - I need to add that one!

  3. i love this. so funny!

    p.s. your header looks fantastic!!!

  4. I think that could be a conversation between my mom and I. Oh but they forgot to mention that my mom claimed I would have illegitimate crack babies. Because all people who want their belly button pierced have illegitimate crack babies. Every other 14 year old at my high school had cut little belly buttons - but to stop the inevitable crack children my belly button had to remain unadorned.

    I love your new header!


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