Thursday, October 16, 2008

it should be illegal... be this comfy at work.

(courtesy of j.crew)

everyone, please, go buy this dress. you can thank me later.

i feel like i should be wrapped in a down comforter somewhere in Vermont... possibly at a quaint little inn with a crackling fire!

oh i wish...


  1. Oh sweet! I just ordered it, except sadly the gray color was already gone so I had to get it in the bright electric blue. I don't know, but I just feel like it would be more comfy it it was gray. Either way, can't wait for that box to arrive.

  2. How divine! I'm currently frozen solid (however, my fingers are moving to type this. Weird) and would love to be all comfy and cozy in work clothes.... ahh...

  3. oh no.... milltini says no more grey! it looks adorable!

  4. the gray is fabulous ... BUT - with the blue, you could wear black OR gray tights! apparently gray tights are the new black!


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