Wednesday, October 15, 2008

meditations on my morning commute

tights are like the poor-man's gastric bypass. if i wore tights everyday, i'd be way-skinny. too bad i live in texas.

what is the past-tense of "forgo"? "forwent"? 'cause that totally sounds wrong. "forgo-ed"? that can't be it either.

my new(ish) hair looks totally good today even though i skipped (forgo-ed?) the expensive matrix root extender and mousse. sadly, i will most likely continue to use said expensive hair products because i spent $28 on them and i'm cheap like that.

if i were kat dennings, i would never not be wearing red lipstick.

i really hope Evs and i have cute kids. because there are ugly babies out there. and don't tell me my child will be beautiful simply because its my child. horsecrap.

the question "have you ordered the save the date cards yet?" seems to have been replaced with "have you addressed the save the date cards yet?"... equally annoying. (love you, mom!)
the finger-scanner security system at work totally makes me feel like a spy. and i'm pretty sure that small thrill is never going to wear off... because i'm about eleven years old.

wasn't there a deaf girl on the last season of DDC? did she get cut? is she back? i liked her.


  1. those meditations are random with a capital "R!" :) i love tights, too, but wish i had skinnier ankles! :)

  2. I wish that I had a finger scanner thing at my office!!!


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