Friday, October 10, 2008

more football? yes, please!

today is a good day... even though i'm slightly hungover from celebrating a Deacon Victory and i'm pretty sure my casual friday outfit looks like adult playclothes. why so chipper?

because its the eve of Red River Shootout, my friends! ahhhh yes, college gameday at its finest... right smack in the middle of the Texas State Fair - my all-time favorite Dallas event! and this year, my sweet grandparents gave Evs and I their tickets! yep, Evs, a die-hard - gasp! - Sooner fan (i know, i know - he also cheers for Duke - we're so doomed) will be sitting deep in Longhorn territory with my we-bleed-burnt-orange family.

if anything, it should be a good social experiment. GO HORNS!

plus, you can betcha that i'm eating a fletcher's corny dog for breakfast. maybe lunch too.


i won't be eating this. gag.


  1. I am so jealous -- we didn't get tickets to the game this year. It is true proof that the financial markets are in bad shape - most year my husband gets calls from 4 or 5 investment banks inviting him to the game. This year we got none. Sad times at the Cass house.

  2. ok,

    1). i love your blog and am completely obsessed. i even went back through and re-read a ton of your posts....i know!

    2). i wish i could go to the fair, but i live in H-town so we don't have a cool state fair here! boo

    3). have fun at the game!

  3. kate---i hate you. (not really, just very jealous)

  4. we just got home from the fair. i had a corn dog, fried cheesecake (awesome!), turkey leg, and funnel cake. never made it to the smores or fried cookie dough. we had a big family sampling of all of the above and i'm stuffed!


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