Tuesday, October 7, 2008

new heinous reality tv finds:

i watch horrible reality television. its just part of who i am. and i like my fluff ... well, fluffy.

recently, i discovered (well, rediscovered as for DCC, but whatevs) two fabulous new finds for those of you who would like to take a half-hour (or 18.2 minutes, if you dvr it!) vacay from election '08 and NASDAQ doom and gloom. Sit back and enjoy the brain massage.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team (CMT; next episode: Saturday, 2:30 PM ET)

season 3 is really bringing me back to the days of hairspray, covergirl quad-eye shadow compacts, and suntan dance tights. ahhhh high kicks and back stabbing - ain't nothin' better!
plus, kelly is so deliciously bitchy - gotta love a Dallas girl!

John & Kate Plus Eight (TLC; next episode: any-freakin'-time - the damn thing is probably on right now)
okay, this one took some persuasion. HOW CAN PEOPLE HAVE 8 FREAKIN' CHILDREN, i ask you? how is this possible when you are not a member of some backwoods, snake-handling, rat-tail growing religion - a la The Dugers (which is really a whole separate post if we get right down to it)? well, i rebelled and refused to give into the J&K+8 craze... but darnit if those eight little suckers aren't the cutest things on 16 legs!

now, i'll admit it - kate is a little nutty - but who wouldn't be with 8 small fries running around? i give her kuddos for just putting her pants on the right way every day and remembering her name on regular basis.

i cannot, however, make myself watch the intro when they show her belly whilst preggers with sextuplets... that is just not normal, people. avert your eyes! you'll thank me later.

enjoy! i'm popping on the dvr as we speak!


  1. i can't help it. i've watch jon and kate plus 8 since it started and i just keep on watching. my husband hates the show, but those kiddos are so funny and so cute!

  2. I LOVE the DCC...I've watched every season religiously so far...I can't help it and I love Kelly too!

  3. oh my goodness, i love both shows. and bryan freaks out when the big belly comes on too :) Have you been watching 17 kids and counting?! The proposal?! I am all for not dating around too much, but that was a little strange. :)

  4. I'm obsessed with John & Kate + 8. I kind of want to "borrow" Alexis.... She's just hilarious. And yes, I have to avert my eyes at the beginning too--ouch!

  5. oh no, DCC is back on? I got hooked on that last year. I'm heading to go program the dvr as soon as I post this!


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