Monday, October 27, 2008

save-the-dates, revealed!

i think most of our guests have received their save-the-dates and we've gotten some great feedback! not that people would tell us if they hate them, but its so nice to hear peoples' compliments after you've spent so much time on something.

so here they are! (sorry about the fuzzy photography).

feel free to lavish mass amounts of compliments on me now ;)
again, i can't recommend Snapfish enough - the service, quality and speediness were all excellent!

had to include the Boom:

now that they're all circulating, the whole wedding feels so "real" - people have told me that about sending out the invitations and i think i'm just getting a little taste of it.

i told Evs there was no turning back now - unless Snapfish will make us a pretty, glossy "never mind - the date is free again" card - kidding, kidding :)


  1. Quite the milestone, indeed. When I sent mine out I was sooooooo excited (and glad to be done with them).

    Yours are too cute!!

  2. awww i love them! you two look very precious and happy!! haha, seriously they are super cute. nice work!

  3. loving the shot of the two of you in the fountain!

  4. I love the back--with the ya'll! Your photographer was amazing! Great photos!

  5. very cute! makes me want to do mine all over again :)

  6. Love your Save the Dates! So cute. You both look so cute! I never thought of using Snapfish when I did our STD's. You'll be married before you know it :)

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