Tuesday, October 7, 2008

so unfair

stupid leasing office, with your stupid 9 to 5 employees... now my new little pretties, courtesy of BR, will be held hostage until Saturday! that's 5 days people!

For all you fellow apartment-dwellers, is it not the most annoying thing ever to get that little slip of glory that says "you have a package" only to have your hopes dashed by that mocking sticky window clock with moveable hands in the leasing office that says "Closed! Will Return:" What's even worse is my complex then sticks a note on my mailbox everyday thereafter that I do not pick up my package that says "come pick up your crap."

ummmm, yeah, i'm trying! Functioning members of society are not usually available from 9 to 5, just an fyi. So while maybe your tenants who pay the bills out of the meth lab they are operating under the faux-marble-topped kitchen counters might be able to pick up their packages during the time period, i cannot. tough cookies.

a preview of the gloriousness that awaits me (from 9 to 5 on Saturday):
maybe i can concoct a doctor's appointment and spring 'em - they must be so sad all alone with Tonya and Shaylondra. (yes, that's actually her name - i can't make that shit up)

oh, and two pairs of shoes, you ask? YES, TWO - I NEEDED TWO. STOP JUDGING.


  1. ugh - I hated that. By far my least favorite part of our apartment. And even though they had keys to my apartment - no amount of bribery could convince them to use the key and deliver my pretties to me. I offered the girl in the office $100 to give me my dresses - but apparently it was against office policy. Believe me - I understand what you are going through!!

  2. Those black shoes are KILLER....i want me some of those

  3. all of your pretties are GORGEOUS!

    i used to hate that so much! i made friends with the security guard in one of my buildings and he would always help me out.

  4. Totally unrelated to this post...but I just read your Top 5 and had a revelation. You're a nose girl. You like distinct noses. ALL of your men have them. Learn something new everyday.

  5. awesome buys! UGH I hate that too, I usually just give in and wait it out until Saturday to pick up any packages from the apartment office or if I must have it, ship it to my office :)


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