Thursday, October 30, 2008

where's my stinkin' sticker?

i completed my civic duty and voted this morning! woo hoo!

this was a morning of several voting firsts for me:

  • first time voting in a presidential election in Texas (in '04, i voted in NC)

  • first time that i didn't vote a straight ticket

  • first time early voting

all in all, i had a fabulous voting experience! however, i did not get an "I Voted!" sticker which has really put a damper on my day. much like a 6 year old who did not get the promised lollipop after a trip to the doctor's office, i've been bitching about it all morning.

oh well. the world somehow continues turning.

go vote, people! because as Jan is fond of saying: "Hitler was voted into power by one vote!" yeah, yeah, Germany didn't have the electoral college but that's a minor detail.



  1. That's my biggest complaint with voting in Dallas. That 10 cent sticker brightens my whole day - and it is so so so sad that Dallas doesn't give them out!

  2. I better get a sticker when I go vote or I will be mighty disappointed too!

  3. Oh no...I wonder if NY has the sticker! I am going to be beyond depressed if I don't get one too!

  4. no sticker?!? boo on that! virtual gold starts for voting, tho!!



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