Friday, November 7, 2008


and j.crew does it again with the new arrivals.

my credit cards call to me from my wallet.

shut up, plastic!

i will stay strong, i will stay strong, i will stay strong.


  1. I randomly came across your blog through Erin Vey's blog and I just have to tell you that it is crackin' me up! First of all, you are hilarious. Second, I love J.Crew more than words. Third, I have a jack russell too. Small world! :)

  2. I was on jcrew (and blogs!) all day today picking out everything I wanted! Why oh why did jcrew have to go get expensive on us!

  3. So sorry to post this comment here, but I didn't see a link to an email address. I happened to catch the photo that's on your blog of you in Santorini, Greece. We are headed there for our honeymoon and I was curious how you liked it? Feel free to visit my blog and drop me a line :) {An Atlanta Bride}


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