Monday, November 24, 2008

santa baby...

i am attempting to control my serious urge to decorate for Christmas by finalizing both my fake and real wish lists. yes, i have a Fake Christmas List... and this year, it consists of one. perfect. glorious. piece of dove-gray, buttery-leather art...
mmmmm yes Marc, yes, well done.

i held it (for like the umpteenth time) this past weekend and it was a beautiful moment... for both myself and for the saleslady who thought she had Evs in her grubby little commission-wishin' hands. sadly for her (and sadly-er for me), the only Bruna Shoulder Bag under my tree this year will be in the form of a hallucination caused by too much eggnog.

anyhoo, on to the Real Christmas List:

lululemon yoga pants (can't wait to see what all the fuss is about)

Dig My Pant Low

new makeup (since most of my good shiz was stolen in the Great Car Heist of '08)

from left: Trish McEvoy Portable Beauty Brush Set; MAC Plushglass; MAC Cream Colour Base

new cowboy boots (so excited about these especially!)

the Southern Vampire Series (to tide me over until True Blood returns next summer)

Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire Series by Charlaine Harris

what's on your Christmas list (real or fake)?


  1. Ahh I want the Southern Vampire Series! I am completely addicted to True Blood and I honestly think that I am going to have withdrawls waiting until next Summer! Ugh

    Oh and I love the MJ bag!! Great taste :)

  2. um, now the MJ bag is on my fake xmas list, too. THANKS A LOT.

  3. Lululemon yoga pants are great; I usually hate endorsing products, so that means a lot. On several occasions I have seen a nice looking behind in those pants. They definitely take what you have and enhance it to the next level.

    A little expensive compared to regular yoga pants but if you take care of them they'll last for years.


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