Sunday, November 23, 2008

sunday musings

* thanks for all the shoe advice, gals... i ordered the deep yellow shoes today - a girl only gets married once, right? yay pretty, happy shoes!

* i'm glad to report on a very relaxing and productive weekend! Friday night was spent like this...

...watching What's Eating Gilbert Grape (never seen it - amazing!) and dining on Whole Foods take out.

Saturday we tried out Genghis Grill - delish, but i don't like handling the raw meat, ick - and then we finished up our Christmas shopping for Evs' family, AND picked out the tuxes for the wedding! woo hoo - check marks! i wanted all the men in suits but, sadly, i don't trust Evs' cast of characters to wear their own black suits (questionable sizing, possibility of one or more appearing in a zoot suit, etc) and all the suits for rent were of highly suspect fabric quality... so Mens Wearhouse to the rescue! i was slightly perturbed by this mini-hiccup at first, but now i'm thinking the classic, un-fussy style we picked out will work swimmingly!

Saturday night we checked out Dali Wine Bar - great little restaurant - i'd give it an A+ if it weren't so cramped, but otherwise, pretty wonderful. huge wine selection (both by the glass and by the bottle) and a delightful (if not small-ish) menu. the evening would have been perfection had there not been the most. obnoxious. girl. ever. sitting 5 feet away from us. seriously, "shrill" doesn't even begin to describe this child. it was like a flashback to sorority formals... except we were kind enough to take our high-volume drinking and/or screeching to a more appropriate locale... greasy mexican food venues beware.

a few tipsy iphone pics

Sunday was lunch at Houstons and my Thanksgiving Grocery Shopping Extravaganza! per usual, Evs, Boom, and i are headed to Miami, Oklahoma (pronounced: "miam-mah") for Thanksgiving with Evs' familia. to say Miami is a small town would be putting it lightly... while there are many an Indian casino and a super Walmart for entertainment, there ain't much else to do. but there will be food! and this year, i will be contributing squash casseroll and apple pie... bought the supplies today and will play chef on Tuesday... i'll post pictures and the recipes then!

* tonight i played Elfkin and wrapped my little heart out! the fruits of my labors...

* i did not make it to see Twilight :( but i guess now i can see it with a few less hyperventilating 13 year old girls. i did get the last 2 books in the series (Eclipse + Breaking Dawn) and i'm excited to start them once i finish Salem Falls - a great read by Jodi Picoult (maybe my favorite of hers) which i highly recommend!

* season finale of True Blood is being DVR'd as we speak - errr, i type - SO PUMPED!

hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. LOVE Dali and Houston's at lunch is AMAZING!!!!!!!! Sounds like you had a great weekend!!!

  2. Better than My Sister's Keeper? I must go get it :)

  3. very excited about Breaking Dawn and Eclipse! I just ordered them on I should probably add Salem Falls to my order too, just to be safe!
    I am almost done with True Blood, I can't wait for the finale!!!


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