Wednesday, November 12, 2008

top chef + my www holiday recipe!

so tonight was the premier of Top Chef - one of the only shows that Evs and i watch regularly together - we've been pumped all week and both left work early to eat dinner together (a relatively uninspired little rice and orzo mix with some chicken and broccolini thrown in) and pick our favs.

i'm bummed b/c my very fav - Patrick, my little rosy-cheeked, 21-year-old, gay-boyfriend from the C.I.A. - was kicked off from the get go! poor kiddo! way to give 'em the old college (pun intended!) try, Patty-cakes!

i think of the remaining 15 chefs, Gene is my current pick - he's the underdog who thought he was cooking tzatziki but actually pulled off a bad-ass curry. obvi. but i love his faux-latin-kings aura! kick ass, you self-taught-tattooed-sous-chef, you!

anyhoo, i'm ready for a good season - yay wednesday nights!

and how fitting that Top Chef falls on the renound Weight Watchers Wednesday! i've recently vowed to truly start my wedding workout / shape up / tone up / slim down program so i've been (somewhat) dilligently counting my points during the week and on weekends, i'm allowing myself to cheat a little but compensate with exercise. next week i start personal training at the yee-ol'-office-gym and i'm excited about that! i need someone to kick my little flopsy bootie!

so in honor of my first WWW / Top Chef: NYC post, i shall bestow upon you my favorite easy-cheesy-peasy dessert/breakfast recipe - just in time for the holidays!

Low Fat / Low Cal Pumpkin Bread

- one boxed spice cake mix (any brand)
- one can pureed pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling)
- 2 tsp. vanilla extract (i like the mexican vanilla)
- generous dash of cinnamon
- generous dash of nutmeg

pre-set oven to temperature on box. mix all ingredients together. pour into pre-greased (use PAM for no extra calories or fat) bread pan. bake!

seriously, its that easy - and it tastes almost as good as the full-fat-starbucks-or-other-delicious-brand pumpkin bread! for a little extra you can add nuts or brown sugar on top. one tip, however: you're most likely (depending on your oven) going to have to cook the bread longer than the box instructions - you'll just have to watch it!

enjoy, pals!


  1. Looks great. I will have to try that! I don't watch Top Chef but maybe I should :)

  2. Yummy!! I'm in desperate need to quick and easy holiday recipes. Thank you!!!

  3. DH and I are also big top chef fans. I really like Gene too, I get this vibe from him haha.


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