Tuesday, November 18, 2008

an upper and a downer

so i promise, promise, promise this is the last time i will say "its official" in regards to my legal career!

today, i was sworn in by the Texas Supreme Court and the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. so i'm officially (yes, again) licensed to practice law in the State of Texas! it was exciting... but semi-anticlimactic at the same time - the oath was cool but the other 28 minutes (of the 30 minute ceremony) were pretty much filled with a bunch o' ass-kissing... but whatevs - i got a cookie and a TYLA-light-up pen and some delicious bbq with my family and a day off work - i'm a happy gal!

after a loooooovely nap, JAJ (my original artsy-fartsy-movie-going amiga) and i treked out to the Angelika in Plano to see The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas... oh dear, talk about heart-wrenching! i highly recommend this movie (i smell an oscar-nominee!) but i also highly recommend a large glass of wine both before and after viewing so as not to throw yourself off the nearest highrise (luckily, the Angelika serves booze)! the young actors in this film are captivating - seriously, go see - just maybe not whilst PMS-ing!


  1. Congrats, and yay for good movies!

  2. Congratulations!!! You make the practice of law very fashionable:)


  3. You can say 'it's official' as many more times are you want! You deserve it! And yeah, that movie looks heartbreakingly good! I will have to go see it... but definitely after I am done PMS'ing ;)

  4. Congrats! We were out all Friday celebrating with the 1st year associates since the NY Bar results came out - I completely get how exciting all of this is(even if it is anticlimatic!)


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