Friday, December 5, 2008



as you may have noticed, i didn't quite get to Installation #2 of Kate's Holiday Gift Picks last night... the forced merriment turned into an evening at Idle Rich Pub, where some fellow colleagues and i hammed it up as the smu-elite, prepped and ready with their fake ids and jimmy choos, looked on.

Installment #2 coming up shortly... but first, coffee. lots of coffee.

oh, and if anyone could wrestle me up a breakfast taco, i'd be much obliged.


  1. oh idle rich...and doesn't it totally crack you up when you see the girls from SMU all decked out only to spill beer all over themselves?

  2. Eat something fatty, then hold on... after the tingles and nausea subside, you will feel better. Oh, and you may know my brother who should have been at SMU law when you were...Rob Jackson? He is back at SMU in a graduate program.

  3. He did practice in Dallas. He is a tax attorney. I did not even know he was back in school until my Mom told me yesterday. Yeah, we are close...ha ha ha

  4. Agh! Hangover? no fun. But at least it's Friday.

    Thanks for the WW advice. I'll keep you posted. I have the trainer at the gym keeping me accountable so now I just need to get the diet in check.

    Have a great weekend!


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