Sunday, December 7, 2008

baby its cold (icy!) outside

we had a glorious - ICE-y - holiday weekend in the Big D...

... starting off with a little ice hockey - nothing says "jingle my bells" like large men hitting each other with sticks and the Dallas Stars Ice Girls bopping around with their shovels. my work-be-fry HH and i snagged our firm's unclaimed tickets, thinking it'd be a fun double date evening. i'd never been to an ice hockey game before and i love me some contact sports, so i figured it would be a blast... well, a blast it was but not necessarily because of the fine display of sportsmanship. (a) i've never seen a sport that catered more to testosterone-filled machismo in my entire life. from the aforementioned Ice Girls (the creep in front of me was taking pictures with a telephoto lense... so he could enjoy them longer, i suppose), to the Hooters waitresses signing calendars in the lobby, to the "Macho Man" sequence where drunken idiots got an opportunity to flex their muscles on the Jumbotron. oh well, at least the beer was ice cold!

(b) the WT were out in full force (see Exhibit A, below - tim robbins, a la High Fidelity).

i loooove some jersey-wearing, rat-tail-sporting, beer-belly-proud, chili-dog-munching, coors-light-guzzling hotties!

anyhoo, as you can see, the people watching was awesome, the Stars won in a shoot-out, and we got to bundle up and snuggle up together! all-in-all it was a successful couples' outing!

... our ice-y adventures continued on saturday with some wedding band shopping (mmmm nothing makes a girl's weekend brighter than a little sparkle) and then a trip to ICE! at the Gaylord Texan (thanks to Mojito Maven for the recommendation!). as you may know, ICE! is a 14,000 foot yearly exhibit of massive ice sculptures carved by 40 artists from Harbin, China. the exhibit is kept at "a wintry 9 degrees" and the masses of vistors pile into these puffy blue parkas ... hence the following super-slimming pictures:
ooo we're pumped...
... possibly me more than EvsOld Man Winter, blowing snow flakes! AWWWW Sick 'Em Bears! delishHook 'Em Horns! ...... and more Sick 'Em Bears!hoot, hoot, Chi O (yes, lame, i know)huge, life-size gingerbread house outside the Ama Lur Restaurant + pretty lights at the Gaylord

2 tips if you decide to go on your own ICE! excursion:

  • go early - i think the exhibit opened about 3 weeks ago... probably wasn't such a cluster-f*** back then... last night, it was puffy blue smurf visitors for as far as the eye could see - it felt like Disney World on Spring Break. plus, there were way too many kiddies pushing and whining in line for me to wait to slide down the ice-slide... which was a total buzz kill.

  • don't wear your TB Revas... while you might think you're fashionable, your feet are left half-naked with a large, metal medallion frosting over in the 9 degree temperature. OW.

sadly, we weren't as lucky as the Mojitos and didn't see any DCC Action at the Gaylord, but it was quite a fun time, nonetheless!

hope ya'll had a wonderful weekend!


  1. YAY I'm so glad you had such a great time at ICE! I can only imagine how busy the exhibit gets closer to Christmas...when we went it was very low key! BUT at least you got to wear blue parkas instead of the icky gold and black ones.

  2. Loved your photos of the ice hockey!

    I've tagged you!

    Saskia x

  3. fun fun fun! i want hockey! i want ice sculptures! when finals are over next week, it's on. and way to pull off the smurf coat, not everyone can do that ya know.


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