Tuesday, December 30, 2008

germy musings on RD fashion

i'm officially a sickling.

called in sick this morning but can't quite escape the office today as i have been given the task of "holding down the fort" on several big cases while my immediate boss and another, more senior associate take this week off for vacation. thus far, i've had 2 irate phone calls from a very unpleasant woman (who sounds as if she needs some fiber in her life) regarding one case that i know nothing about. i think giving out my cell phone number was a bad idea.

anyhoo, now that the Beast Lady has ruined my morning nap, i shall share my current thoughts on Rehearsal Dinner Fashion Options, keeping in mind that the Options are sure to change approximately 27 more times between now and March 27.

our rehearsal dinner will be held at the Salt Lick which is a famous BBQ joint in Driftwood, TX - about 30 minutes from downtown Austin. if you've never been and your ever around those parts, i highly recommend you stop by - its absolutely delicious! we'll be busing our guests out there for an evening of country music, brisket and beer - i think its going to be such a fun, relaxing way to spend the night before the wedding.

for this shindig, i plan on wearing my new boots and a fun dress. after perusing Nordstrom's spring catalog, here are some options:

Tory Burch: too yellow? i'd have to be rockin' a nice bottled tan

Trina Turk: its white and i love the detail... but too short for a family affair?

Milly: too prim and proper? or maybe, too "Mexican Fiesta"?

Milly: too summery?

Matty M: too Crocodile Dundee?


  1. I'm liking the Trina Turk for its boots potential - but hear you on the short factor. I love the orange Milly, too, which would look fab with a tan and not as tropical as the yellow - and also go well with boots. As for the summery concerns... it's Texas. I'm sitting at my desk wearing short sleeves right now.

  2. My vote is for the orange one- I don't think it's too summery, and besides, you're the bride... you can wear whatever your little heart desires! Plus I think it would look cute with the boots. There's my 2 cents!

  3. I vote for the Trina Turk as long as your Britney isn't hanging out. I love when the bride wears white or off white to all the "week of wedding" events. I think its cute.

  4. I also say the Trina Turk, but then again I was once caught at Christmas wearing a new black dress thinking "Was it this short when I bought it?!" and being uncomfortable all day :) I like the last one, not too crocodile dundee for me!

  5. I love the Trina Turk..I think it would look great with your boots. But I think it really depends on the weather. Texas is so unpredictable that it could be hella hot or one of those random 'hand me my parka' days. But I also like the orange one. =)

  6. i love the style of the yellow, but i think its maybe a little too long for boots, you might not like the proportion once its on. But, its heading in the right direction.

    i LOVE the white, its soo cute! Exactly what is in my head! ...but you'll have to try it on to see if its too short. What better time to show off those beautiful bride legs!

    Milly (white and black) is too dressy for the occasion and doesn't quite strike the Salt Lick note. Its a cute dress though....shower?

    Milly (orange) might just be perfection! I don't think its too summery at all. I, as well as most other BM's i dare say, will be rocking strapless and sleeveless.

    Matty M.....no. You have that other black and yellow Milly dress from the engagement party that is very similar in style (not color) with the high neck and nipped in waist. I don't think I like this dress with boots. Also, its not quite whimsical enough for "blushing bride on the night before her wedding." This dress says more "professional lawyer bride" - I don't think that's the tone we are aiming for.

  7. It's Trina for sure. SO cute with the boots. And I'm sure that girl is like eight feet tall, so maybe it won't be so short on you! I refuse to even entertain a second choice as I am in love with this one.

  8. yes, yes, the white one is perfect!
    it'll be adorable - and totally fit in with the salt lick at the same time.

    unrelated note: i hope you're right about the cristalino! we tried freixenet cava last night and i liked it, but it was "just ok" for fi. tried m&r asti spumante tonight and it was WAY too sweet! ick. crossing my fingers about cristalino...

  9. My vote is for the yellow one or the orange one. I do like the white one (Trina) but it does look very short and I think that it might be too short to be "classy". Keep looking--you have lots of time!XXOO

  10. Love the Trina Turk dress! So adorable. I am also really liking the Milly too! Both of those would be an awesome choice!! And good for you for already picking out your outfit. I had picked mine out several months in advance also. It was so hard having it sit in my closet for months without me wearing it :)

    Hope you feel better soon!

  11. Such a tough choice! I really like them all. Sorry I can't help more!


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