Monday, December 8, 2008

happy e-anniversary!

girl studies in library (and by studying, girl means "laughing hysterically at nerdy law student property jokes with RJB and consuming way too much caffeine). boy also studies in library. girl's boisterous laugh annoys boy. boy goes to tell girl to shut up. boy notices that girl is supa-dupa-cute (despite gross, mismatched sweatpant + hoodie outfit that girl is undoubtedly sporting as it is final exam season). boy decides against telling girl to shut up.

RJB ever-so-subtly pawns off girl's phone number to boy over totally-adult-IM-convo. boy and girl meet up after finals at local waco watering hole. girl and boy close down bar talking. boy kisses girl in the rain and takes her out for enchiladas the next night.
boy and girl discover they both adore diet coke, heated discussions, small furry terriers, and each other. boy asks. girl says yes.
happy engagement anniversary doodle!


  1. happy engagement anniversary to you!

  2. Lovely story, beautiful photos!

    Happy Anniversary!

    Saskia x

  3. What a cute story! I love the way you told it!

  4. Happy Engagement Anniversary!!! But I have to know what nail polish you are wearing. I love the color. :)

  5. Happy Engagement Anniversary!
    Can't wait for the wedding.

    Got your Christmas Card today - adorable. I just mailed mine today. Should be in your mailbox soon!

    That email about the girl who cheated on the guy was hysterical. Can you send it to my home email because I cannot forward it from work!

  6. That's exactlly what I thought!!! I love the color too and debated between it and Kangarooby tonight. Ended up with Kangarooby. My Mrs. O'Learys always looks black in photos though!!! Thanks for letting me know. It looks awesome on you. :)


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