Thursday, December 18, 2008

j. crew, psa

even though we are techinically still in a fight, i couldn't pass up the opportunity to advertise some great finds from the huge J. Crew Winter Sale... all of these would be perfect for a fun New Year's Eve Ensemble!

happy sparkly shopping!


  1. You better believe that I already visited them. I got the e-mail yesterday and immediately went to the site. Great deals!

  2. didn't they get the memo that I am broke?! And emails like that one are cruel and unusual punishment?! No? well, I guess I will just go and look at what they have. look...

  3. Gosh I am loving JCrew's sales this month! In fact, I just ordered those gold shoes with the gray bows as my wedding shoes the week after Thanksgiving.

  4. this is unrelated to j crew, but i saw it and thought you might get a laugh out of it. be sure to click the PDF file in the first line.


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