Monday, December 29, 2008

kinda sickie

woke up with a sore throat yesterday... figured it was the result of a night of mouth-breathing brought on by too much pinot grigio. woke up this morning and its worse... and has gotten progressively so as the day wears on. i'm currently self-medicating with Day-Quil, hot tea and my 4th bottle of Emergen-C. i'll be damned if this bug ruins my NYE.

luckily, i have this little magic trick up my sleeve, courtesy of Evs.

meet: the Pocket Purifier (as seen on TV!). this sucker uses UVB-C light to eliminate 99.9% of germs on any hard surface! i've purified my entire desk, keyboard and mouse so far today. i'm pretty sure my colleagues think i'm checking for semen, black-light CSI-style, but i now have the most germ-free workspace in all of Anonymous Firm! i also enjoy how it looks like those cameras from 1987 like Marissa Tomei sported in My Cousin Vinny... so retro!


  1. I just died laughing, "Checking for semen"!!!!!! You could be doing one of those under cover programs for Dateline!

  2. I need one of those things ASAP!!


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