Friday, December 19, 2008

lawyers in pajamas

in-house christmas party last night... luckily, i made the executive decision to stick with white wine and therefore am not feeling like crawling into a dark hole and dying this morning. however, this does not mean i escaped embarrassment: another one of Anonymous Firm's "traditions" is that all new associates and employees must perform at the in-house party. my group did our own little, completely inappropriate version of the 12 Days of Christmas, decked out in light-up pjs.

HH and me in our pjs...

as you can see from the boys playing Wii, we came out on top in the pj department

dragged my ass home at 8:30 and passed out watching my bootlegged thai copy of Sex & the City. good times, i tell you, good times.


  1. You firm lawyers have more fun with the Christmas parties and all. Jammies is a new twist - looks fun!

    PS - I may or may not have a Chinese "Sex and the City" box set of dubious origin in my possession. Makes it even more fun somehow.

  2. too funny! I had to do a skit like that for a office party too- we reenacted Charlie Brown's xmas!

  3. My office party was sooooo lame! No PJs, no innapropraite songs... I'm sad...

  4. oh law firm fun...milltini refers to my firm as "summer camp"...yup, it sort of is!

  5. fun!!!! we never get to do fun stuff like that during the holidays!!

  6. My daughter's godmother's firm makes them perform talents at the summer mtg. She twirled fire batons. They were shocked.

    Now, my husband's firm skips the talent part of the evening and goes straight to the drinking and hazing. Makes them seem far more interesting. :) Love your blog and thanks for your comment on mine. Dig your name too.


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