Tuesday, December 9, 2008

million dollar wedding?

really? has bridal tv stooped so low? and its not even tacky-ass Bridezillas.

(a) you're not a member of the (any) royal family...

(b) ... or people i'd expect it from (a la Spiedi)

(c) you've said "million dollar wedding" about a gump-zillion times in 52 min...

(d)... on national television...

(e) ... just because you can.

(f) oh, and you yelled and bitched about plasma tvs about 30 min. after saying "i do." classy.

i officially lump you in the same category as "Hummer Owners" and "Those Who Kick Puppies." get your heads out of your own asses, and while you're at it, get a freakin' clue.


  1. hahaha-that is funny! i had not seen or heard about that! people are greaking crazy!!

  2. i was watching that and wanted to strangle the groom. what an ass!


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