Wednesday, December 3, 2008

you WILL have fun

so tomorrow night Evs and i have plans to go to a wine tasting at Crush (more on that tomorrow), but today i noticed a little flashing memo on my calendar... from my director... which reads "Construction Law Section Christmas Party - you're all going." um, okay. how's about a glittery invitation? or at least an evite, for pete's sake. nothing says "happy holidays" like forced merriment with a bunch of construction litigators drinking free booze. oh well, pregame at the DBA!

in other news, i realized when i got to work that i wore this sweater last tuesday. luckily i work with 80% men so its pretty safe to assume that no one is whispering cardigan-rewear-gossip as i walk by, but i still feel like an office fashion failure :(

check back later for Installment Numero Uno of Kate's Holiday Gift Picks!


  1. OMG!!! I am so weird about the duplicate outfits too!!! I've actually kind of given up for right now because I've been in a turtleneck mood and I have to buy more. We're talking black or gray turtleneck at least once a week. If you use an organizer you can plan outfits out so you don't duplicate. I do that normally. On Sunday I write the outfit on the day and then iron those outfits. Like I said "normally" lately not so much.

  2. yeah i basically wear the same 5 outfits over and over again...did i mention i work with dorky engineers? yeah i don't care...

  3. I have definitely been seen in the same jcrew cardigans one time too many! It's so hard in the morning to figure out something new and cute when I'd rather be sleeping!

  4. I'm cracking up right now about you re-wearing the sweater!! I did that last week, but like you, I work with mainly men and other women who could care less about what they wear so I doubt anyone noticed! I need to keep a log of outfits so I can remember what I wear....

  5. Hi Kate,

    Very cool blog! It's Rebecca from white aisle. I tried contacting you via an email address we had on file for your invites, but it got bounced back. Can you drop me a line when you have a moment? I have a quick question concerning your order and couldn't find a "contact" link on the site. Thanks!



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