Thursday, January 8, 2009

6 days and counting...

yesterday i had the most lovely invitation waiting for me in my in-box when i arrived at work (and you know its gotta be good if i describe it as "lovely" before at least 12 oz. of coffee) - Maggie, from Eat, Drink, Marry invited me to join her for an evening of Etiquette, Tequila, and (if we're lucky!) Wannabe Socialites!

we shall be attending an event entitled Wedding Advice from Anna Post (yes, the offspring of that Post) at the Williams-Sonoma in Highland Park Village.

yeah, yeah, its a promo for a book called "Do I Have to Wear White?" which i'm sure will be shoved down our throats at every turn, and chances are there will be at least one 20 year old trust fund baby asking if she must provide personal sommeliers for each of her 800 guests (btw: this is not me being a Judgey McJudgerton; its really just a cold hard fact... plus this post needed more biting wit), but
  • (a) its like a grand anthropological / social experiment
  • (b) anything at Williams-Sonoma can't be half-bad (maybe they'll have foodie samples!)
  • (c) my grandmother will be so proud!
  • (best for last) i finally get to meet Maggie! and there has been talk of Mambo Taxis afterwards... yesssssssssssss
can't wait for next wednesday!


  1. Ohh, how fantastically fun and lovely. Plus, you'll get in some good HP people watching, and that is always fabulous.

  2. It's going to be hilarious, I just know it! Cannot wait.

  3. Watch out those mambo taxis will get ya! :)

  4. Oh, no - when I made my Judgy comment yesterday, I was referring to me, not you! I'm so sorry if it came across otherwise.

    Back to today's post, what a fun event!


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