Monday, January 19, 2009

Austin Shower!

my shower in Austin yesterday was so lovely - i couldn't believe how many people came and all the beautiful and generous gifts we received! the hostesses are 5 dear friends of my mom's and they were so kind to think of me! the Real Simple subscriptions went over swimmingly, btw, so if you're looking for a good hostess gift, that one was a hit! {how many exclamation points can i use in one post?!! lots!!!}

let me tell you though, i'm glad i had the shower to practice my smiling and "graciousness" (its a little rusty, that one) because i was exhausted afterwards - i can only imagine that the wedding will be 18xs more intense.
the hostesses and me - i am a giant
the beautiful spread
monogrammed petifores? yes, please! reminded me of Chi O Pref Night, Millytini!
mmm cheese knives!
Evs came for the last 20 minutes - he helped open 4 gifts and was "exhausted" - amateur!


  1. i am salivating over those desserts!!!! Looks like a fantastic shower!

    And you looked adorable!

  2. I love wedding showers. Those monogrammed petit fours look delish and oh so pretty!

  3. Hotness! I'm going to have to take notes on your Cute yet Prim shower ensemble.

  4. Gorgeous shower! And I love your outfit, most importantly.

    PS - Thanks muchly for getting "All That She Wants . .. " stuck in my head with that Ace of Base reference. I'll be sending my iTunes bill directly to you for that one.

  5. yay showers! how fun! i can't wait til my "wedding season" really begins!! :)

    it looks like it was fabulous!

  6. Looks like such a fantastic shower! I love the dress you wore, too! I am drooling over the food, especially the petit fours!

  7. You look so beautiful! What a lovely shower. And monogrammed petifores...I'm moving back down South just for monogrammed desserts.

  8. Looks fantastic! Gorgeous petit fours!!

    Saskia x

  9. Looks like a lovely shower! Yay to the beginning of 'wedding season'!

  10. I would like to get married again solely as an excuse to buy more party dresses.

  11. hahahah monogram petifores....very chi o pref night...and tres chic i might add


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