Thursday, January 29, 2009

craveable carry-ons!

i had so many inquiries as to the source of the shoe bag featured in yesterday's "things i think about" post...

let me introduce you to Lapin Vilardi: creator of chic bags for shoes, wet bikinis, laundry, make-up, lingerie, toiletries, etc! i think any of these items would make great hostess / bridesmaid / graduation / birthday gifts!

some of my favorites, all available online at the site above:

bikini bag

lingerie bag

shoe bag!!!!
train case

laundry bag


  1. Oooh I love these!!

    They are so cute!! :) And I love to give lingerie bags at bridal showers, they are so great for honeymoons (well, any vacation really!!) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Very cute!! The only problem is that I want one for every shoe in my closet....

  3. I am also shoe bag obsessed. Last Christmas, Aaron's aunt donated money in our name to WWF (the wildlife foundation, not wrestling) and they came in these super cute bags that have pandas on them. They are perfect for shoe bags!

  4. Those are so pretty and cute!! I keep all of my shoes in their original boxes. I think I need some shoe bags to travel with.

  5. THANK YOU for this!!! After travelling countless times with a wet bikini in a bunched up grocery bag, the thought of a bikini bag is the greatest idea EVER! Totally, utterly obsessed! I want one ASAP!

  6. I have one of their makeup bags, They are so cute and functional!!

  7. These bags are all so cute! I have to have some shoe bags for sure. At this point I keep them all in boxes and my closet floor is overwhelmed.
    Thanks for sharing

  8. Love these. What a great idea? Random, but since you are the shoe goddess... I need cute wedding shoes. 1920's vintage dress. Need a pop of color.. HELP!!:) just kidding not that urgent


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