Monday, January 5, 2009


(a) popsicles dipped in red wine are delicious. its like sangria. on a stick. but... not.

(b) ummmm the Hotdog Theory on the The Bachelor tonight? sheer genius. this girl is my front runner fo' sho'. however, Evs doesn't eat hotdogs... so while intriguing, the Theory is entirely unhelpful in predicting my future marital happiness... eh, i'm not too concerned.

and yes, that's right, my moral superiority has been slain by one too many wine-popsicles... now i have to watch the entire damn Bachelor season while these slutes seduce poor Jason with their fake maternal instincts. for shame.


  1. I was appalled by tonight's show. I don't love anyone yet. I do like Melissa, from Dallas though, and the girl he gave the first impression rose to. I just don't know about any of them though.

  2. Mmm popsicles in wine....sounds very yummy!!

    And yes, I am with you on the Bachelor. I get so angry at these girls but continue to watch! What's wrong with me???

  3. You were appalled by last night's show? Why? It seemed tame to me! :) I like Hotdog girl..she's got spunk! I also like the girl he gave the first impression rose to. I do not like the girl from Dallas who was a cheerleader. She's going to be the one who starts of by doing something horrible to some girl and then saying "I'm here for Jason, not to make friends" She actually reminds me of Deanna. I also REALLY don't like the girl that quoted his Myspace page to him...nutjob.

    As you can see, I'm a bit of a reject when it comes to the Bachelor. I love it. It's my guilty guilty pleasure.

  4. I just about died when they were showing "this season on the bachelor" and DeAnna showed up - I hadn't gotten the memo she broke up with her snowboarder. Juicy!


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