Sunday, January 4, 2009

eye candy...

... or, er, make that "eye cake."

i'll start by saying that the cake was not a high priority for us - Evs doesn't like it (he's having a Groom's Cookie Bar) and while i love it, i care more about taste than looks. i don't like heavy, super-sugary buttercream or plain old white cake. i didn't want to pay for icky fondant (even though it is beautiful) or sugar flowers (ditto) or hand-painting, etc, etc. i just wanted moist and delicious with a fun flavor and a few fresh flowers. Michelle - from Michelle's Patisserie - definitely fit the bill and i couldn't be more pleased with our flavor choices or design (more on that later).

however, if i were at $1k Cake kind of gal, these gorgeous confections would inspire in me all sorts of Cake Visions:

{even though i hate to give She of the Perfect-Wedding Guilt-Trip a shout out, all the following cakes can be found here}

our cake is a 5 tiered delight - tres leches cake for all 5 tiers with the addition of fresh strawberries in 3 of the tiers. light cinnamon buttercream will ice the tiers in a linear textured pattern. our cake will look nearly identical to the one below except we will have several fresh, bright raspberry peonies resting on it instead of sugar flowers.



  1. ummmmmm i want to come to your wedding just so i can have some of the cake!! we also did non velvet with cream cheese frosting in between each layer, covered with a dark chocolate butter was SO good!!!!

  2. your cake sounds delish. The touch of fresh flowers is pretty, yet classic.

  3. Out of all the cakes you posted, yours is definitely my favorite. It's going to look really beautiful.

  4. I am totally drooling right now!!! Your cake sounds so amazing. So excited you're on the 3 month countdown, where has this time gone!? Happy 2009 girl!


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