Monday, January 5, 2009

in lieu of...

i don't have any confessions today... other than the fact that i would like nothing more than to break the promise i made to myself when i started this job that i wouldn't publish gossip-y diatribes about ridiculous co-workers on this blog... oooooo would i have an excellent post today. sadly, professional responsibility wins again... grrr.

anyhoo, moving on, instead of a confession, i shall do a 101 Goals update... not quite as thrilling but Real Simple tells me that making lists of accomplishments will help me to "Feel Calmer Now" - something that i desperately need - so here goes!

11. pay off credit card debt before wedding - if J. Crew, Gilt Group, and Ruelala did not exist, this goal would have been accomplished long ago - however, i feel i'm doing quite well, considering. the majority of my paycheck goes to my cc debt and this month the balances began to seem quite manageable rather than overwhelming. barring a fabulous TB sale or a stunning new J. Crew spring line, i should have these suckers knocked out by Valentine's Day - at that point, the money that's been going towards the cards will be redistributed to the wedding.

17. find a yoga/pilates class and go 2x weekly - i still have about 12 core fusion classes left on my card and i'm going to restart my Tuesday and Thursday morning class schedule tomorrow!

20. tone up - we're getting there! i can definitely tell the difference my work with the personal trainer has made but there's still a layer of flab that needs to go. i'm hoping with my commitment to WW and the addition of more cardio that i will be in fighting shape before my bridal portraits in february.

23. find new docs/dentist in Dallas - found a gyno... need a dentist... need to make appointments.

28. make photo book of e-pics - did it this weekend - for our guest book!

48. try new restaurants 1x month - ate at Dream Cafe, Dali Wine Bar (twice!), and a Mediterranean restaurant on Greenville (not Izmir) that was yummy but i can't remember the name.

50. see a movie in the theater 1x month - saw Doubt and Marley & Me. lots more on my list!

60. find a new facial routine - aveno foaming cleanser + new, expensive, conned-into exfoliation system + keihl's abyssine serum + keihl's oil free moisturizer!

61. replace old makeup - thanks to my lovely Christmas gifts from RJB, my parents, and my aunt, this one is done!

63. whiten teeth - decided against the zoom whitening as i drink too much coffee, diet coke, and red wine to get lasting results - purchased the listerine stripes yesterday - the kind that dissolve - so far, i enjoy them!

hmmmm not feeling any "calmer" but i do think i deserve a Crystal Lite Energy Boost for my mini-goal-achieving efforts!

happy monday to you all!


  1. we're going to Dali on Friday...we also have a goal to try a new restaurant 2x a month!!! we have a list a mile long haha!!

  2. Your lists inspire me! I used to be obsessed with core fusion in nyc but the classes got absurdly expensive so I'm now more obsessed with my new trainer. Trying to get Milltini to come to the gym with the very least we can laugh at each other while we look ridiculous. And yes, the professional side gets the better of me every time I want to blog about a) how my law firm is really a summer camp or b) about the ridiculousness of my co-workers. Man those would have been good posts!


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