Wednesday, January 21, 2009

new wedding theme?

{PSA: i promise that my blog will not be renamed First Family Watch and that i will return to my non-creepy-Obama-groupie postings shortly... say like... 4-8 years? i kid, i kid}

would it be 100% stalkerish to have an '09 inaugural themed wedding? or only like 78% stalkerish?

seriously though, how fantastic did the first couple look last night?

not that i am at all surprised, as they looked ridiculously chic at their own wedding in 1992... and i'm gonna go out on a limb and say its pretty hard to look back at formal pictures from the early 90s and look this good:

Michelle is my new Arm & Shoulder Role Model... my (getting smaller but oh-so-slowly) sausage arms were totally jealous! and how about Jason Wu? i must admit that i was hoping for Oscar - i know he was Laura B's go-to guy and no one likes a copycat, but you know how i feel about Oscar. however, Jason Wu created an absolute stunner for last night! my prediction: we will see lots of knock-offs bridal gowns copying this beauty in the Spring '10 previews.

aaaaaand i'll end with your daily dose of cuteness... courtesy of the lovely Victoria.


  1. I loved her dress! They are a fantastic looking couple!

  2. I love Oscar too (especially the yellow dress with the black flowers zomg).

  3. When they danced to "At Last" I totally got the wedding vibe. They are so in love it's cute.

    Was her dress white or pale pink?

  4. She looked great as always, and her arms and shoulders rock, no question. I love that she went for relatively unknown designers again (I love Oscar's gowns too, but am SO over his monopoly on the White House) - such a great opportunity to spotlight newish American designers. Some of my fave excerpts from this great piece:

    - (talking about the fab suit for the swearing-in) "The dress followed her curves — paying special attention to the hips — and announced that the era of first lady-as-rectangle had ended." ... "Shy and retiring personalities do not wear glittering citron under the noon sun."

    - "With her Ivy League pedigree, her high-powered job and her soccer-mom credentials, she made the case that any woman could and should embrace fashion. When she casually commented that she never wore pantyhose, the definition of dressing for success changed. When she bounded onto the stage in her sleeveless dresses, with her muscular post-Title IX arms in full view, the definition of a strong woman changed."

    - "The easy shift between price points has captivated observers accustomed to recent first ladies who have dressed in either pricey designer fashions by Seventh Avenue heavyweight Oscar de la Renta or nondescript blahness. Obama dresses the way contemporary women do, mixing J. Crew with the splurges in their closet. They combine pragmatism with polish. And for this inauguration, despite the dire shape of the economy, they also brought glamour."

  5. Only like 76% stalkerish. :) hee hee

    She is beautiful!


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